Noah's Template of Enterprise Success by Yinka Akintunde

... making most of the remnants

Noah's template of enterprise success

Noah's Template of Enterprise Success is so themed and focused on gleaning insight, courage and wisdom from the post-flood story of the man Noah.
Readers are taken through the process of building their desired empire by taking on the right perspective of capital. 
The concept of tangible and intangible capital is opened up in this epic book so that readers can develop the right recognition and harnessing system for capital made available to them by nature or design.
Noah Template of Enterprise Success is a faith-based non-fiction Bible-gleaned self-help guide for anyone seeking to initiate or maximize productivity here on earth.

Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Inspiration & Personal Growth

Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / Success

Language: English

Keywords: Grace, Faith, Capital, Success, Skill, Relationship, Blesssing, fate, Money, Enterprise, Bussiness

Word Count: 26,000

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Published on Amazon globallly. Print fufilled by Ingram through Lighting Source UK.

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Sample text:

That's How It Works Here The earth was created and meant to be replenished and kept fruitful by human enterprise on it. God will not come down to do a singular thing on earth by Himself again. Having rested already, He had committed the sustenance and keeping of the earth to mankind.
Humanity as a whole and you as an individual will make living, make profit and find fulfilment as we engage this task variously, at different levels and from different angles. The concept of material reward is largely tied to how much an individual is contributing to productivity on earth, either in good, in services or both.
Noah’s Template of Enterprise Success
The uphill task of taking on your own share of the project of keeping our world moving and functioning, as best you can and to a profitable end is your enterprise. This will take boldness, readiness of heart, some ingenuity and an adventurous spirit to do most of the times.
Up until now, our world has been making strides in progress through the spirit of enterprise resident in man. From science to finance, politics, sport and any other value adding adventure on earth. people have taken the bull by the horns and made something significant out of what they met on ground. We are where we are today, enjoying what we are enjoying today in goods and services simply because someone took part of the earth projects as his or her own enterprise.
Suffice to say is that fact that profitability marks out every successful enterprise. Profits can be in material or immaterial forms and can be both. Tangible and intangible profiting of the earth by mankind is what culminates to what we call development today. All effort invested by man for evolvement of the earth today are all we reap as the modern world. We are reaping these enterprising endeavours in food, clothing,

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