My Journey Through The West (Autobiography) by Wael El-Manzalawy

This e book is about the influence of the Western Culture on an Egyptian writer.

My journey through the west (autobiography)

I was very interested in politics and news. And the result was that I felt that all the western peoples hate us. Although generalization is a very common mistake, I was the victim of this mistake: I listened to the news and I generalized my feelings: all the western peoples hate us and want to destroy our countries.

Since 2003, I began using the Internet. I dealt with many western persons. And gradually my feelings changed. I invite you to read this book and to discover my journey through the Western World.


Language: English


Word Count: 3352

Sample text:

In 2002, I wrote two articles about Islam in English. I sent them to some websites. Unexpectedly, hundreds of websites republished them. They are not Muslims and my articles were about Islam. I expected that the western publishers would be against my writings about Islam. I wished only that they would be neutral. But unexpectedly, the west encouraged my writings about Islam. And thus, the seeds of rethinking about my relationship with the west began to grow.

The forums helped me to understand many western persons. After all, they are –like me- human beings. All human beings have good aspects and they have some defects. It’s our nature. This fact is stated clearly in Islam. The prophet –may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him- says: “All the sons of Adam are sinful. The best of the sinful are those who repent.” Discussions were helpful for me. They helped me to write more articles and later books.

My first book “Questions And Answers About Islam” was accepted in the pamphlet collection in Congress Library despite the fact that the book and the points of view of the American government are not identical.

Thousands of non-Muslim readers from America and Europe read my e books about Islam. The idea that all the western peoples hate us was changing. Blind hatred throughout history prevents the people from reading the books of their enemies. The blind haters read about their enemies but they don’t read the writings of their enemies.

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