My First Times x3 (Box Set) by Anita Dobs

Three erotic stories packaged as one that sell consistently well across all sales channels.

My first times x3 (box set)

The 'My First Times' Box Set! Three hot stories in one from bestselling author Anita Dobs

Twenty-one year old Stacy has been saving herself. Saving herself for a good clean-cut career minded man like John, her boyfriend. But her brother Justin one day brings over his alpha male gang leader friend to their affluent suburban home, the muscular and arrogant Rob. Although Stacy feels some confusing sense of attraction toward Rob, she would never do anything with him no matter how persistent he is. That is, until one fateful day, Rob catches Stacy in a compromising position... 

Join Stacy and the bad-boy alpha male Rob in these three hot erotic stories, as Rob seeks to make Stacy all his... 

Included in this adults only 16,979 word box set collection is: 

1. My First Time 

2. My First A*** Time 


3. My First Menage 

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Language: English


Word Count: 16,979

Sales info:

The 'My First Times' erotic short stories can be read as a series or as stand alone shorts. Since their release, they have been consistently good sellers in my catalogue across all platforms, month after month.

The story follows a twenty-one year old virgin college student called Stacy, and a 'bad-boy' alpha male gang leader called Rob. The stories are explicit, yet focus more on the powerplay and passions that are bubbling beneath the surface between the two of them.

Note: If you choose to translate any of my box sets, then some time after you have translated it and we have released the title, I will upload each individual story for release seperately, which you will then be able to claim (as you will have already translated it.) All you will then need to do is cut and paste the individual story from the box set file you've created, and upload it to Babelcube and I will 'Okay' it. Minimal extra work, maximum profit.

Why? Firstly, it just simply makes sense all round to do it this way. Instead of only having one of the titles at whichever retailer, you get 4 (in the case of a three box set story) The original box set, part 1, part 2 and part 3. Four chances to profit instead of just one.

This also filters through the 'also boughts' on various retailers, essentially giving more 'eyes on' advertising than one title would get.

For any questions or clarification, please feel free to PM me.

Sample text:

' ...I felt a twinge in my pussy, a twinge that even I refused to acknowledge to myself; and in my mind, I decided to try to stop myself from showing too much desire for him. The pervasive smell of Rob's cologne was intoxicating, and I turned my head away from him, trying to avoid its captivating influence, but it was a futile task; with his tongue then licking at my ear-lobes, I gripped my fists trying to contain the pleasure. His hands caressed themselves around my sides and ended up behind my back, and with one movement, he undid my bra, before cupping my breasts upwards in his hands, two of his finger tips teasing at my now hard nipples, sending shivers up my spine.

If only John could have made me feel like this, I thought, maybe I would have given him my virginity instead, and this wouldn't now be happening with Rob.Rob pulled my top off over my head and my bra fell to the floor with my tits exposed, covered in goose-bumps... '

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Giorgia A.
Author review:
Translator did a great and efficient job of rendering the manuscript into Italian. Also a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend this translator!
Already translated. Translated by Patrícia Pinto
Author review:
Done well & before deadline. Translator is very nice to work with. Highly recommended.
Already translated. Translated by Yaiza Jurado

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