Monsters in the Dark by Rebekah Lewis

The Complete Collection

5 tales of paranormal desire

Monsters in the dark

5 Tantalizing Tales of Paranormal Desire…Every Halloween, a doorway opens between our world and Svartalfheim that allows mortals to pass through. The catch? You have to be mated to one of the creatures that live there, and they're insatiable. Collected all 5 short stories in the series: The Monster Under the Bed, The Monster in the Closet, The Monster in the Cellar, The Monster in the Attic, and The Monster in the Mirror.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology

Language: English

Keywords: norse mythology, erotic fantasy, erotic horror, paranormal romance, dark elves, light elves, elves

Word Count: 43459

Sales info:

The first 2 short stories in the collection stayed in the top rankings of erotic fantasy new releases for two weeks. Stayed in the top 10 for a month. The final short story hit #1 in new releases in the same category. The first three stories in audio sell really well. This is the collection of all 5 short stories.

Sample text:

After leaping off the bed, slamming the door, turning on every light in the house and trying to sleep on the couch—and failing—Maddy did something she avoided unless she was too sick to function. She called out of work. Dealing with deadlines and meetings sounded unbearable, but she couldn't stay in the house all day either. So, she grabbed her laptop and her purse and headed to the local coffee shop to caffeinate and search for answers.

After the first year of noticing the monster, she'd seen the college counselor and then a therapist when the counselor had inevitably ratted her out to her parents. The therapist tried to blame everything from bullying to family troubles to a need for attention. None of which were true. She'd had a good family life. Parents never divorced, no siblings, no substance abuse. Need for attention? Why? She liked being left alone. She'd pretended to stop noticing the monster so the therapist would deem her all better. But she didn't get better, so to speak. If it was a mental break, what had changed?

Maddy parked the car, gripping the steering wheel with both hands. What if I really am crazy? There hadn't been anyone under the bed when she checked in the daylight this morning, but then again there never was, even if she turned on all the lights and looked right after hearing it move. No one had exited the room while she'd been on the couch near the door, the covers and the remote to the lights were on the floor when she dressed after dawn. The windows were still tightly latched.

For the most part, the monster had been creeping her out for a decade. It had never attempted to communicate, and Maddy had heard her name whispered in the dark before seeing it—something else that was new.

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