Mermaid Queen by Anna Santos

A handsome Lycan King will claim as his mate the mermaid who saved him from drowning.

Mermaid queen

All her mermaid life, Mirella has been told to stay away from the humans. Yet, one night, a mysterious pull compels her to save a handsome stranger from drowning in a shipwreck. Once she takes him to his island, the language barrier stops her from explaining to him that she’s his fated mate.
Duncan has been waiting for his fated mate. As the king of the Lycans, it’s his duty to marry and leave offspring. He never thought his mate could be a gorgeous mermaid. Despite being unable to communicate with her, he wants to make her his. But is she able to live out of water?
Mirella strikes a deal with the Sea Witch for the ability to speak the human tongue. Deeply in love with the stranger she keeps meeting on a beach, she’ll defy her father and will offer her tail to the witch to be with Duncan. But can she trust him with her heart and her life?

This is an adult fairy tale retelling of the Little Mermaid. This novella is not intended for readers under the age of 18. 

Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Secondary Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Werewolves & Shifters

Language: English

Keywords: mermaid, lycans, werewolves, shifter, vampire, fairytale, paranormal, fantasy

Word Count: 28000

Sample text:

Chapter 1—The Lycan King

We all die alone.

I'm feeling cold and unfulfilled even if I'm fighting for a higher purpose—to keep my kind safe. But I leave no descendants. I have not loved without reason or explanation. I'm alone.

My body tenses and coldness numbs my limbs as I fall into the darkness of the ocean. My eyes are wide open, watching the fire consume my ship. Yet I can't move. The explosion threw me off my vessel when a deafening cannonball blast turned wood into tiny shards that pierced my men's chests.

The undead vampire warriors dive to kill whoever survived. I can see their red eyes observing and hunting their prey. Maybe I can survive if I move and reach the surface.

My arms and legs don't obey me. I'm stuck.

Suddenly, my body moves. Hands grab my arms, and I brace myself to meet my end. There's no dagger piercing my flesh. Instead, I see strands of long hair floating, and a woman's face appears before my eyes. Her own eyes glowing white. Not red.

Air. I have none. My lungs burn as my mouth exhales my last breath that forms bubbles and they hit the goddess' face that my bemused mind conjures.

I move. Fast. My body penetrates the water as if propelled by the wind powering the sails. My head pops out of the water first. Then, my body follows, piercing the water like a dolphin reaching the surface. I breathe, sucking in as much air as I can. There's only me and the night. The moon remains big in the sky, unfazed by anything that happens to us. My mighty goddess. Maybe she sent the girl to save me. Perhaps she's my goddess in human form. Her steel-colored eyes are a hint. 




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Already translated. Translated by Fanny Logos
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She did an amazing job translating this from English to French.

She worked fast and met all the deadlines established by her. Easy communication throughout the process.

Highly recommend.
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Great work, great communication.
Excellent translation and delivered fast.
Highly recommended.
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