Memories & Secrets by Diane Winger

Revealing a secret may be liberating, yet some secrets can never be disclosed.

Memories & secrets

A year after her husband died, Deborah is still deeply torn over her role in his death, but she can't confide in anyone without breaking a solemn promise. Her granddaughter, Ashley, is no longer the cheerful, confident tomboy Deborah remembers. Ashley has secrets of her own. The death of a student at her high school has cut her to the core for reasons she has kept hidden. 

Neither of these two family members expected their summer visit to be transformative, but life is sometimes full of surprises. In this novel filled with sadness and laughter, with fear and courage, two people turn to love to lift them beyond their painful memories and secrets.

Genre: FICTION / Contemporary Women

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Coming of Age

Language: English

Keywords: young adult, multi-generational coming-of-age Alzheimer's

Word Count: 70,500

Sales info:

Memories & Secrets is a new release (May 2015) and currently has 4 reviews on Amazon, all with 5 stars. It has held the #1 position in book sales for the "Multi-generational" category.

Sample text:

“Oh my god,” she says. “I didn’t know an airport could be so tiny. And look at this parking lot! There’s only room for like thirty cars.”

I laugh along with her. She’s probably off by a factor of ten, but our Seligton regional airport is certainly a far cry from Denver International. Wait until she figures out that we can drive from one end of town to the other in under ten minutes, even at rush hour. Or rush minute, as we say around here.

During our six minute drive to my house, Ashley is engrossed with her phone. I doubt she’s even glanced at the beautiful mountain scenery surrounding our valley. I decide to let her settle in a bit before laying down the rules.

“Here we are,” I say as I pull into the garage. She sighs and easily slides her phone into her back pocket. She’s not wearing the low-slung, skinny jeans and tight-fitting shell top I see most of the girls favoring. These look like the traditional, functional jeans still preferred by the farmers and ranchers around this area. Roomy, sturdy blue jeans. Her t-shirt hangs long and is at least a size too large for her. I consider telling her that I tended to dress very much the same way when I was a teen in the sixties, but she might consider that thought utterly horrifying, so I keep my thoughts to myself.


I’m still feeling pretty psyched about the plane ride. The only other time I’ve flown, it was cloudy most of the way, which was kinda cool because you could imagine walking around on top of the clouds and all, but this was even more amazing. I could see the mountains below me the whole time and it was like I could just drop down onto the summits and hike around to places maybe nobody’s ever been.

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Already translated. Translated by Cinta Garcia de la Rosa
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Cinta communicated clearly throughout the process and completed the translation in a timely manner. I can recommend her without any hesitation.

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