Megged (Texas Mutiny 3.5) by M.E. Carter

This Time it's Mari's Way or No Way.

Megged (texas mutiny 3.5)

Megged: noun.


a playing technique where the aim is to kick, roll, dribble, throw, or push the ball between an opponent's legs                       
See examples Santos and Mariana delaGuajardo:

It’s been two years and three months since Santos has had sex.  Not that he’s keeping track.  After the way he betrayed the love of his life, he’s willing to give up sex altogether as long as it means keeping her in his life.  But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t thought about it…

Despite living in the same house for months, Mariana is still hesitant to cross that final, physical line.  The wounds that Santos left combined with her insecurities stop her from taking what she really wants.

When a misunderstanding makes them realize they’re finally on the same page, Santos and Mari must decide what’s most important to them.  But this time, it’ll be Mari’s way or nothing.


Genre: FICTION / Sports

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Language: English

Keywords: soccer, sports romance

Word Count: 13443

Sales info:

It does ok for a short story.

It's had several hundred downloads and 25000 page reads, which is about 500 borrows on KU. Being that it's only $0.99, it doesn't make a ton of money, but the readers really enjoy it. It is also on Audible.

Sample text:

As our tongues tangle together, she tastes of coffee and donuts and most importantly…  her.  God, I missed my Mari while we were apart.

“I want you, Santos.” Then she moves away from me. Never taking her eyes off mine, she pulls her nightshirt over her head and drops it next to her feet.

Her very bare feet.  That are attached to very bare legs.  And bare hips.  Bare stomach.  Bare breasts.  Bare neck.

“Holy hell, you’re beautiful,” I whisper, my gaze fixed on her gorgeous body.  Her heavy breathing causes her breasts to bounce ever so slightly, and I think I’m going to come in my boxer briefs if I don’t get inside of her soon.

She gives me a cocky grin.  “Your turn.”

Quickly, I shove my athletics shorts and underwear down to the floor and take two steps until we’re in each other’s arms again.  My hands run up her smooth back, down her sides, around her ass to her thighs and I pick her up, her legs instinctively wrapping around my waist.

It’s been so long since we’ve been naked together.  Too long.  Theo was just over a year old the last time we had sex, and now he’s almost three.  I’ve missed this so much.  No, that’s not right.  I’ve missed this with her.

I gently lay her on the bed and begin to climb up her body, but she nudges on my chest, stopping me. 

“What?”  I ask, confused.

“Do you remember what I told you a long time ago?” She traces circles around my nipple with her fingernail, making me shiver.

“You’ll have to be a little more specific,” I say, grabbing her hand.  “And you’ll have to stop distracting me.”

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Already translated. Translated by Fabielle Cruz
Author review:
She's just phenomenal. Timely with her work. Communicates any issues. Helps with marketing. She's just great.
Already translated. Translated by Eva María Medina Cabanelas and Adelina Garrido Mendoza

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