Megan at Carnival by Owen Jones

A Spirit Guide, A Ghost Tiger and One Scary Mother!

Megan learns how to overcome her shyness and participate in Carnival

Megan at carnival

Megan at Carnival

A Spirit Guide, A Ghost Tiger and One Scary Mother!

Megan has a strange day with school friends at the fairground on The Island, where some of them, including Jane, her best friend, embarrass themselves. However, another, Sarah, invites her to take part in the local Carnival, which she accepts.

Megan has a wonderful time helping to design and create their float, and even gets to become a character on it as it journeys through the centre of town. Megan's parents are very proud, and Megan gets ideas about a possible future career.

However, she learns a valuable lesson, when she sees her parents' reaction to her new-found fame, and Wacinhinsha, her Spirit Guide gives her some good advice.

Genre: FICTION / Coming of Age

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: spiritualism, reincarnation, carnival, second-sight, third-eye, paranormal, psychic teen

Word Count: 11,000

Sales info:

This is the 22 volume in the series and so depends on sales of its forerunners

Sample text:


It was Saturday morning and Megan and her mother were still sitting at the breakfast table in the garden of sweet-smelling flowers after her father had gone to work. It was unusual for him not be at home on the weekend.

“Will it make any difference to your plans that your Dad can’t give you a lift, Megan?”

“No, not really, Mam. Can I have that last piece of toast? I’ll just catch the train over to the island after work”.

“You know you shouldn’t eat too much if you’re going swimming, especially swimming club. They work you quite hard there, I’ve seen them. We don’t want you getting cramp and drowning, do we?”

“No, Mam... but you say that every week and nothing has ever happened and even if it did, there are thirty-odd strong swimmers, the instructor and a lifeguard there, so nothing’s going to happen, is it?”

“Maybe not in the leisure centre, but it’s best to learn good habits for when you go swimming somewhere else”.

“Yes, I understand, Mam, but I also need energy. I’ve got swimming club and work before lunch comes around”.

“Yes, all right, as long as you watch what you’re doing. That’s all I ask. So what’s the plan for the day then?”

“Well, swimming club, the office, lunch. Then Jane will come down and we’ll go over the island, by train now, and spend the day on the fairground and the beach. It’s the annual half-price fares day, so all the kids from school will be there and most of us haven’t seen each other since school split up for the summer holidays a month or so ago. It should be fun”.

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Already translated. Translated by Luc Wyn
Author review:
Another top-notch job by Luc.
Already translated. Translated by Olga Tsamoutali
Author review:
Olga produced a lovely piece of work
Already translated. Translated by Ivy Luiz
Author review:
Ivy did a great job.
Already translated. Translated by Lauren Izquierdo
Author review:
Another great job by Lauren!

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