Meditation: The Daily Beginners Guide to Meditation Techniques by Mirtha Fernandez

(52b) The Daily Beginners Guide to Meditation Techniques

Meditation: the daily beginners guide to meditation techniques


If you suffer from depression, you may feel like you are living under a perpetual raincloud, even when it’s sunny outside. If left untreated, clinical depression can damage relationships, cause problems at work, lead to substance abuse, and even make it more difficult to overcome physical illnesses.

This guide will introduce you to this magical method known as yoga. By reading it, you will get to know the history of yoga, the benefits of yoga, what to expect from yoga classes and what you need to start practicing it.

They must all work in harmony, in tranquillity and balance. Balance is needed everywhere in life. When the mind is poised and well concentrated, the Supreme Self of man becomes visible.

If you are ready to take action and change your life for the better, this book will definitely guide you in the right direction!

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Sample text:

This exercise requires a tangible object, which could be anything such as a fruit, a small toy etc. Take note of the object by observing it very closely. Observe all its characteristics and features without letting your mind wander to other thoughts. Note the color of the object, its intensity, shape, its smell and all the other features. Additionally, notice how the item reflects the light and how it blends into the atmosphere of your space. If your mind wanders off, nudge it back to concentrate on the item.

A variation of the observe technique is to observe without thinking. How does this work? This method works in an almost similar manner to the one I have described above, with the only difference being that in this technique, there is no mental verbalization. You simply observe your item without mentally verbalizing the features. You observe the item but keep the observation blank as is possible, preferably for five or more minutes. Ideally, you should look at the object from every angle without much thought to it.

Most of the exercises that we are experimenting with require that you find a quiet-distraction free space. In this exercise, find a spot where you can be alone and disturbance free for 5 minutes. Focus on one thing; in this case a word of your choosing. The choice of word does not really matter that much. However, I would suggest that you keep the word inspirational; words such as “happiness, success” etc. Start uttering the word mentally and repeat it for close to five minutes or as long as you can before your mind starts its natural wandering.

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