Mean Girls: Book 5 - The Silence of Being Friendless by Katrina Kahler

Fifth book in the mean girls series for girls aged 9-12.

Mean girls: book 5 - the silence of being friendless

Mean Girls seem to surround Remmy. But she wonders has she turned into a mean girl too? Why did she stupidly follow Sandy's List??? If only she could turn back time! 

Do you know what it feels like to be all alone? Totally friendless? The silence is deafening and the clock seems to freeze. This is Remmy's life now. Her best friends, Charlie and Bridget have totally rejected her and the new girl Sydney is trying her best to ignore her. Sydney has taken her place at the lunch table! Sydney has taken over her best friends! Remmy's life is in turmoil and she wants nothing to do with Sandy and the vampires!

But then Mike, the boy she so badly bullied, comes to her rescue. So she knows she is not totally alone.
Another bullying incident happens...could it be Sandy again! 

Will Remmy be able to gain her friends' trust again?
And who is bullying Sandy? Despite receiving the blame...Remmy knows that she is innocent.

There's only one way to find out. You'll love Book 5 - The Silence of Being Friendless - it is full of drama. Will Remmy be reunited with her friends?

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Social Issues / Bullying

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Readers / Intermediate

Language: English

Keywords: books for girls aged 9-12, girls books 9-12, bullying books for girls, mean girls, bullying, girls books aged 8-10

Word Count: 22 000

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Sample text:

Chapter One- The New Girl

Silence fell upon Remmy and the vampires as they glared over at Sydney. She was sitting next to Charlie and they'd been chatting away for the last five minutes. Remmy stirred her spoon around her barely touched yogurt; all the while her attention remained on Charlie.

There was an aching in her chest, one that wouldn’t go away. Before she came to Venice Beach and met him...she didn’t think that it was possible to care this much about a boy.

Sydney laughed loudly at something Charlie said and then she flicked her glossy hair behind her back. Remmy sighed and then finally forced herself to look away from them. It should have been her sitting next to Charlie, not Sydney. Worse still, she knew that she only had herself to blame. She’d been the one who’d let Sandy send Charlie a break-up message from her and she’d been the one who’d let jealously infiltrate her mind. Now, she was stuck on a table with the vampires, while the pretty new girl was flirting with the boy who held her heart.


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