MEAN GIRLS - Book 2: Bullies!: Books for Girls Aged 9-12 by Katrina Kahler

Remmy continues to suffer from Sandy and her 'vampires' mean bullying.

Mean girls - book 2: bullies!: books for girls aged 9-12

Remmy continues to suffer from Sandy and her 'vampires' mean bullying. Amelia comes to the rescue and teaches Remmy some strategies to cope with her tormentors. She wants to tell her mom what is going on, but Sandy has manipulated the home situation and Remmy feels that she can't burden her mom with her problems. The mean girls continue to harass her by setting her up on FB and they even plant something in her bag to get her into trouble.

Eventually, Remmy can take no more and she tells her mom and new step dad exactly what has been going on. To begin with...Marcus doesn't believe Remmy, until he sees actual proof. Of course, Sandy's reaction is dramatic and totally over the top!

Mean Girls Book 2 is full of drama. You'll love watching Remmy grow as a person, gaining more confidence and the love of Charlie and friendship of Bridget. So not everything is bad in her new life in Venus Beach. A perfect story for girls aged 9-12.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Readers / Intermediate

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Girls & Women

Language: English

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Word Count: 22266

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Sample text:

The afternoon dragged by. Every time Remmy heard kids come in and out of the toilets, she tensed up, worried that it was Sandy and her vampires returning to torment her some more. The toilet cubicle was cramped and smelt bad. She longed for fresh air and she was thirsty…so thirsty. Looking down at the murky toilet water she felt like it was taunting her with its undrinkable liquid. She wondered if Princess Sandy had ever been this thirsty? Or if she’d ever been made to hide out in a stale-smelling toilet cubicle for the entire afternoon? Doubtful! Finally, the last bell sounded. Kids filtered into the toilet cubicles and then filtered out. The chatter, laughter and footsteps faded until the corridors grew silent. Still, Remmy didn’t leave the confines of her cubicle. She was too afraid that someone would see her like this. She looked down at her ink marked arms. She wondered was she really DUMB and a LOSER...after all, it was written right there on her skin. She sniffed back tears. She refused to cry any more today, she’d already wasted too many tears on Sandy and her friends. She forced herself up onto her feet and stood in front of the cubicle door. She stretched her arm out towards the lock and hovered it there. She knew that she couldn’t stay here forever but she couldn’t muster the courage to leave. Knock, knock, knock. Remmy jerked back and stared with alarm at the door. She stood as still as she could against the wall and held her breath. Had Sandy and her friends come back to tease her some more? ‘Remmy, are you in there?’ a girl’s voice said. She thought that she recognized the voice but she remained still. ‘Remmy, it’s Amelia. Are you in there?’ Remmy breathed in and then exhaled. The relief she was so overwhelming that she almost began to cry again, a single tear escaping from her eye. 

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