Lyon's Gift by Tanya Anne Crosby

Book 2 of The Highland Brides

Lyon's gift

Known as the Lyon for his prowess on the battle field, Piers de Montgomerie accepts a challenge from king David—squash a troublesome highland rebellion. For his payment, he accepts disputed lands, but soon discovers that what he truly desires is the highland beauty whose brothers will never bow to him. 

Meghan Brodie refuses to be a pawn in a political game and vows not be won so easily. She resists the English Lyon … but even as she begins to realize their love is destined to heal an injured land, she cannot dare to hope the Lyon will see beyond physical beauty to love the imperfect lass within.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Historical

Language: English


Word Count: 79,000

Sample text:

“Twenty-seven!” Baldwin announced, marching into the room where Piers sat poring over his new survey.

It was a lesson Piers had taken from old King William: one could hardly rule a land unless one knew precisely what one held to rule. Following William the Conqueror’s example, the first thing he’d done upon receiving this fief was to survey his holdings, meager though they might be. And it was a good thing, as it seemed his stock was dwindling quickly. He might never have known until they’d been seriously depleted.

Thieving, conniving Scots.

“Twenty-seven!” he exclaimed. Christ, but he didn’t know whether to be angry or amused. At last count—only yesterday evening—the sheep had numbered thirty-four. “When did those whoresons have the occasion to rob me again? I thought I told you to set a man to guard those mangy beasts!”

“The Scots?”

“Them, too, cunning bastards! But I meant the bloody sheep, Baldwin! The bloody rotten mangy sheep! I thought I told you to set a guard for them!”

Baldwin’s ears reddened. “Well...” His face twisted into an abashed grimace. “I did set a man to guard them, you see… but it seems I set a wolf to guard the sheep’s pen.”

“Wolf?” Piers lifted both brows. He couldn’t wait to hear this one.

Baldwin winced. “I appointed Cameron,” he said, looking shamefaced. “He was already keeping watch over his own sheep, you see, and I—”

“Cameron!” Piers exploded. “The arse who refused to leave his parcel and hut?” He tossed down his quill in disgust. “Damn it, Baldwin! Whatever were you thinking to put a thieving Scot to guard against his thieving kinsmen!”

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