Lunchtime Author: How to become an author without impacting your already busy life by Keith Chapman

This book will provide you with the tools necessary to write your own book no matter how busy your life is.

Lunchtime author: how to become an author without impacting your already busy life

I’ve wanted to be a legitimate author ever since graduate school. I got the writing bug after spending nearly 6 months of writing my thesis and I actually enjoyed it. I had no trouble starting to write books but I rarely got past the first chapter. After years and years of these false starts, I finally figured out a method of writing that works in the cracks of time within my insanely busy schedule created by being a high-level executive in a sizable corporation, an involved father of two kids, and a dedicated husband. I actually walked away with my first novel completed. And further to that, I am happy with the result with nearly no impact on my corporate or family duties. You too can accomplish this regardless of how busy you are. At some point in your day, you are in full control of at least one hour of your time. Perhaps this only occurs for one or two days per week. The point is, you have this time if you look for it. I will show you how to use that precious time and turn it into a completed book of which you can be proud. This book is about how to start your book, how to keep momentum, and how to finish it all over your day job's lunch hour or actually any hour you find in the day. It tells the story of how I was able to become a Lunchtime Author without affecting my schedule and how you can too.

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At the time of this writing, I have only begun to truly launch Lunchtime Author. It is self-published and distributed worldwide on where it has a current ranking as follows:

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Sample text:

I've been congratulated several times on completing my first book, a parody novel. Some folks even actually liked the book (certainly not a guarantee) and it spent time gracing an Amazon best seller list for one of their more obscure niches for a spell, but still, it was there. A question that almost always follows the congratulatory comments is “How did you find the time?” My answer is always emphatically, “Lunch!” They then look a little perplexed like I ignored their question entirely and just asked them to lunch. However, lunch is just an embodiment of the key tenet of my writing process. That tenet is that you can always find the time. After explaining that I wrote my novel predominantly over lunchtime, they still look somewhat bewildered and tell me they could never do that. Then I ask them, “Why not?" The funny thing is that most people I've met do indeed think it would be a cool lifestyle to be an author. Not being a full-time writer myself, I usually explain that you can be an author regardless of what lifestyle you want or are currently living. It can also be a tool to help you transition to your preferred lifestyle if you want to become a full-time author. But like everything else that is worthwhile, it takes a plan, goals, work and effort. It can certainly be done with a little self-discipline and a good road map. This book hopes to provide you with a good road map and the motivation to start the journey. 

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