Low carb: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Low Carb Diet Recipes by Robert Douglas

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Low Carb Diet Recipes

Low carb: breakfast, lunch and dinner low carb diet recipes


Many are choosing good health and achieving results with the ketogenic diet. People who have been fighting obesity for years are now winning this battle. This is having a tremendous impact and changing lives. However, this undertaking is not always an easy one. Side effects are causing people to drop out before they see results. Food addictions are causing people to stray. Knowledge can be like a bridge spanning failure and success. A lack of knowledge about how to cope is a significant hurdle. Lets take this journey together and I will show you the information you need to succeed!

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Sample text:

       500g of 5 fresh halibut filets (100g each)

       ¾ of lemon juice

       1 tbsp. of chili powder

       1 tbsp. oregano

       1 tbsp. garlic powder

       1 tbsp. yellow curry powder

       salt and pepper (to taste)


What you do:

1)    Mix all the spices together.

2)    Spray Pam on a medium heated pan.

3)    Put the fillets on the pan and sprinkle them with half of the spice mix.

4)    Cook for about 2 minutes.

5)    Flip the fillets and sprinkle the remainder of the spice mix on top. 6. Cook until the fillets are easily flaked.


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