Low carb: Beginner’s Low Carb Diet Recipes by Mike Junkies

Beginner’s Low Carb Diet Recipes

Low carb: beginner’s low carb diet recipes


Ketosis is a natural process that takes place in the liver, which enables us to survive on low food intake and starvation. As part of this process of breaking down fats, ketones are produced. When you decide to go on a keto diet, you force your body to attain such a metabolic state that initiates the process of ketosis. It is important to mention here that such a state is attained by starvation of carbohydrates, and not by starving the body of its basic calorie intake. 

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For the past thousands of years, fasting, low-carbohydrate and other similar regimen related to the LCHF diets became a common practice to treat conditions like epilepsy. Jumping on the timeline to modern times in 1921, Dr. Rawle Geyelin presented a report to the American Medical Association, where he declared the notable beneficial results of several children after undergoing fasting. All his patients have recorded lesser seizures and other epileptic attacks, and the effects had all seemed to be enduring.

Geyelin’s further research and studies continued until he developed a more acceptable low-carbohydrate and high-fat diet. The succeeding years have found physicians applying the diet to their epileptic patients. However, the practice had seen a drastic decline with the advent and introduction of modern anti-epileptic medications, coupled by its sensationalized reputation as a starvation regimen.

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