Love and Muddy Puddles by Cecily Anne Paterson

Thirteen year old fashionista Coco Franks has just become part of the popular group at school when her Dad announces he's moving the whole family to the country.

Love and muddy puddles

Thirteen year old fashionista Coco Franks has finally made it into the popular group when her dad decides to move the whole family to the country so they can 'bond'. Social death is looming, her shoes are covered in mud and all Coco wants to do is get herself back to her city friends. After all, things can't get any worse, right? It'll take a boy with no dress sense and totally hick boots, and a contrary horse called Cupcake to bring Coco to her senses. But it might just be too little, too late. 


Secondary Genre: HUMOR / General

Language: English


Word Count: 62,000

Sample text:




My name is Coco Franks and the day after my 13th birthday, my life went nuts.

It was totally my dad’s fault. And I blamed him for everything. With just three sentences he managed to completely turn my whole family upside down and ruin my life forever.

One minute we were sitting around the table about to enjoy my birthday cake. The next minute my mum was gasping, my brother was whooping, my twin sister was speechless and I was crying and running upstairs and slamming the door.

The most terrible thing about it was that finally, after a whole year of trying and hoping, my life was just about to become perfect.

But when Dad came out with his crazy idea, all I could think was this: Could things get any worse?

Ha. You’d be surprised.





Chapter 1



 There was a popular group in our year at school. And I don’t mean just a little bit popular. I mean an uber-popular, super-elite, crazy-socialite-A-list type group. In fact, there were only two types of girl in our Year; the girls in the popular clique, and the girls who wanted to be in the popular clique. Nothing else mattered.

At primary school there had been a few kids who were kind of cool. I always seemed to know who was in or out, and my best friend Samantha and I had heaps of conversations about it (I would have talked to Charlie, my twin sister, but she was too busy playing handball to take any notice) but even if the princess-ish girls were a bit mean, no one was left as an outcast forever and mostly everyone just hung around together.

It wasn’t like that at high school.




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