Love and Holly by Amanda Mariel

Will the magic of holly bring Josephine and Ace together for an unforgettable Christmas....

Love and holly

Will the magic of holly bring Josephine and Ace together for an unforgettable Christmas....

When Josephine and Ace are sent to find all of the necessary trimmings for a Christmas ball at Fortuna's Parlor, they find more than they bargained for. But can a seamstress and a gaming hell bouncer find love together?

Indulge in this short holiday tale of Christmas shenanigans today.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / Victorian

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Language: English

Keywords: holiday historical romance, holiday novella, regency romance, victorian romance, English regency romance, English christmas romance, regency christmas romance

Word Count: 6,079

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Sample text:

Christmas Eve, London

Josephine, Madame Debroux, locked the door of her modiste shop then turned toward the back room. Her work for the day was done, and now she intended to prepare for the evening. She hummed a merry tune as she made her way to the hidden staircase that led to the gaming hell above stairs.

Had someone told her six years ago that her modiste shop would come to host a female-only gaming hell, she would have laughed uproariously.

She did indeed laugh when her former client turned friend, Narissa, now the Duchess of Blackmore first approached her with the idea. Narissa’s father had passed away and left her a great deal of money. Funds that, in addition to her own fortune, Narissa wished to invest most unusually. Josephine did not think it wise, but she’d agreed none-the-less.

Now, in retrospect, Josephine was quite pleased with the arrangement. Narissa paid her rent for the upstairs space, and the ladies of the ton who frequented the hell often gave patronage to Josephine’s shop as well.

A mere hour ago, she’d delivered a gown to Lulia that she’d commissioned for Evelina. The duchess was but one of Josephine’s regular customers. Since Fortuna’s opened, an exceptional number of ladies with deep pockets regularly gave their patronage to Josephine’s shop. As a result, her earnings had tripled.

Furthermore, she and Narissa had become the best of friends. More like family, indeed.

Fortuna’s Parlor had indeed been a blessing, and tonight the gaming hell was to host men for the first time. Josephine had agreed to come and help decorate for the grand party—a Christmas ball.

Brooke, Lulia, and Hannah were to be lending their assistance as well. A slight grin played at Josephine’s lips as she made her way up the stairs. Both eager to spend time with her friends and excited about the ball.

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