Lotion Making by Ashley Andrews

Learn How to Make Easy Body Butter and Lotions from Home

Lotion making

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Publication Date: March 6, 2015
Highly underestimated, lotion is the unsung hero of our handbags, sinks, and medicine cabinets with essential uses from sun protection to anti-aging prevention. These handy creams are absolutely indispensable when it comes to maintaining healthy, vibrant skin. 

Why You Should Make Lotions a Fundamental Part of Your Day...

Dry, cracked skin from bitter winters. Sun-scorched blisters from the hottest of summers. Our skin needs more attention than we give it sometimes. Even if your skin type tends toward being oily it is still important to use a hydrating lotion on a regular basis to maintain a healthy body and prevent your skin from aging quickly and unnecessarily. Lotion is as important to the skin as water is to your body. It repairs, protects, improves blood circulation, and serves as a valuable primer for makeup. 

But why stick with the conventional brands? Why not make your own personalized lotions with your favorite scents and ingredients? 

Learn How to Make Easy Body Butter and Lotions from Home

Brimming with recipes, this book will guide you through plenty of wonderfully crafted lotion creations that are easy, fun, and a great foundation for a beginner. 

You will enjoy making the following recipes:

- Foundational All-Natural Lotion for Beginners
- Sparkly Champagne Lotion
- Coffee Body Butter
- Whipped Pumpkin Spice Body Butter
- Bronzing Lotion
- Glitter Lotion
- Sugar Cookie Lotion
And more...

This DIY lotion-making guide will have you creating your own concoctions from scratch in no time. You’ll be handing out gifts for holidays and birthdays and there’s no doubt your recipients will be asking for more. 

It’s true. Lotion Making: A DIY Guide to Making Lotions from Scratch is overflowing with incredible recipes that will leave you reaching for your lotion all hours of the day and cause your friends to beg for the recipes. But there’s more! 

Learn How to Create, Store, and Sell Your Hand-Made Lotions

It doesn’t end with a vast array of envy-inducing lotions, you’ll also learn why making lotions at home is better than buying from a store. In detail, you will discover important ingredients crucial to a perfect hand-made lotion, which ones to buy (with choices!), which equipment you’ll need, and how to create a personalized lotion just for you. 

Once you learn the basics of making the lotion, you’ll use the tools in this book to properly store your lotion and you will even learn how to effectively sell your lotion, including U.S. guidelines for labeling your creations. 

This vital skin protecting and revitalizing cream doesn’t have to be a simple, boring tube you buy at a local store. You can make it yourself and when you discover how easy it is you will wonder why you waited so long. It’s time to reduce skin blemishes, look and feel younger, and repair cracked, dry skin with a lovely blend of your own hand-made lotion. 

Why not get started today? You won’t regret it. With everything you need to get started, Lotion Making: A DIY Guide to Making Lotions from Scratch is your hand-holding comprehensive guide for embarking on your own lotion-making craze! 

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Lotion is the underestimated hero of our handbags, sinks, and medicine cabinets. What would we do without the sun blocking powers of a great sunscreen? How would we fight oncoming wrinkles without our anti-aging potions? How would we repair our cracked winter skin? Lotions, body-butters, and creams are an integral part of our daily lives. But why buy the same standard lotion that everyone else already owns? A homemade lotion mixed with your favorite scents can showcase your unique personality.

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