Lighting In the Home and Garden by Owen Jones

Illuminating Ideas for the Home and Garden

An introduction to using light to most effectively protect and display your home and garden

Lighting in the home and garden

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How Lighting Can Provide Ambiance and Save Money

There is no doubt that lighting has the biggest influence on atmosphere or that soft lighting in a bedroom or at a cozy dinner creates a romantic ambiance; bright, purposeful lighting in the office or kitchen shows that you mean business; dimmed lighting in the living room creates a calming atmosphere in which to watch a film or read a book.

Understated, back lighting behind flowers or a waterfall leads to a magical atmosphere, whereas severe floodlights turned on by a motion sensor would freeze most criminals in their tracks.

Getting the lighting wrong can have a seriously unfavourable effect on any room or occasion. Imagine a romantic dinner for two by candlelight and then imagine it by a naked 100 watt bulb hanging from the ceiling or a fluorescent tube.

It has been said that the average household can save at least twenty-five percent on its electricity bills by using lighting more effectively and therefore more efficiently. More importantly, you could save more than sixty percent, if you swap from the normal incandescent light bulbs to high-output compact fluorescent lights. Sixty percent is a huge saving for you, your country and your planet.

Here are some of the means by which you can obtain savings on the energy you currently use up on lighting.

Insert dimmers wherever you use lighting. You can put a touch lamp dimmer into the wiring of any lamp, so that when you touch it, it cycles from low, to medium, to high, to off. You will be surprised how often you will lower the light once you are able to, particularly in the case of desk or table lamps and standard floor lamps.

In a similar vein is the touch or turn switch that you can use to control lighting that traditionally hangs from the ceiling. You will be able to turn down the lights in any room and on the patio or deck too.



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