Lesbian Collections: 5 Hot and Steamy Lesbian Stories by Kathleen Hope

5 Hot and Steamy Lesbian Stories

Lesbian collections: 5 hot and steamy lesbian stories

Lesbian Collections

5 Hot and Steamy Lesbian Stories

Story 1: Tessa’s Hunger
Story 2: Driving Passion
Story 3: Locker Room Lust
Story 4: Releasing Chloe’s Passion
Story 5: Serving Up Passion

WARNING: These stories contain strong sexual content and are intended for mature audiences only. 18+

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Lesbian

Language: English

Keywords: lesbian, lesbian erotica, erotica

Word Count: 50,000

Sample text:


“I’m really looking forward to meeting your parents,” Tessa said.

Her fiancé smiled. “I’m sure they’ll love you, Just like I do.”

Her face glowed as they stepped out of the BMW. But behind the glow, Tessa didn’t feel so good. The thought of meeting Anton’s parents made her stomach quiver. With her violin case tucked under her arm, she grabbed her suitcase from the trunk, then stopped and stared at the marvelous mansion before her. She gasped. Growing up in a poor enclave of Russian immigrants, Tessa had only seen this kind of opulence in the movies. “Wow, what a wonderful house.”

Anton smirked as he stepped up the driveway. “Yes, I suppose it’ll do until the renovations are done. Those columns are looking awfully ragged.”

Tessa took choppy steps toward up the driveway to join her fiancé at the front door. Anton took her hand, but that didn’t do much to relax her. She had a bad feeling about this week.

After ringing the bell, they waited as Tessa’s envious glare crept up the Victorian brick wall. “I bet a place this huge takes forever for your parents to clean.”

Anton chuckled.

“What’s so funny?”

“Well, you see –“

The door swung open, revealing a smiling lady in her fifties. Tessa reached for a handshake. “Please to meet you, Mrs. Brooks. My name is Tessa.”

The lady stared back, head tilted and eyes bugged. 

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