Layers by A.G.R. Goff

Adopted Miranda wants to know who killed her mother. But the truth hurts.


Letting Miranda into his house is a big mistake. But aging comedian Dave also has some secrets. Maybe she should never have come looking for answers. As this story about murder, betrayal and dark desires unfolds, things take an unsuspected turn. Things from the past find their way back to the surface and the dead might not be so dead after all.

Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Psychological

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Crime

Language: English

Keywords: psychological, mind games, adopted, age gap, murder

Word Count: 63794

Sales info:

4/2/2020 #7 in Psychological Literary Fiction

Amazon ranking 4.4 out of 5

Sample text:

Nobody would suspect someone like him to live here. Maybe that’s the reason he spent his final days in this carefully painted cottage. She turns around on her left heel. The ducks dosing at the lake’s bank make it look sickly peaceful. Anybody could hide here. It looks like a painting in a children’s book. Creepy. A bit like something could hide behind all this beauty and jump out when you least expect it… These books always started nice and pleasant, just to make the reader feel secure and then turned out to hide a scary secret. Not that she’d read many books in her childhood, and it didn’t matter now. She steps away from the front door and walks around the house. The house has just received a lick of fresh paint. A light grey. It looks… nice. Too nice. As if, the owner is trying to give no reason for people to look closer. The palms of her hands are cold despite the hot weather. She isn’t sure what she was hoping to find. Everything seems like it's being looked after by someone who really cares or maybe by someone who doesn't want people paying too much attention and poking their noses into something that's none of their business. Her eyes wander away from the back garden to the house.

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