Lay Me Down by Tamara Hart Heiner

Life is more than just breathing.

Lay me down

Kylee Mansfield knows what it is to be alone. Her dad left when she was seven, and her mother remarried an abusive alcoholic. Kylee finds ways to escape reality, usually by substituting one pain for another.

Things take a deadly turn when a jagged cut shows up on her arm, and she doesn't know where it came from. She enlists her neighbor, Price Hudson, to help her uncover the truth. But Price shows her much more than just her past--he shows her what it is to be alive.

Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Paranormal, Occult & Supernatural

Secondary Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Language: English

Keywords: girls growing up, overcoming abuse, paranormal romance, ghost stories, supernatural

Word Count: 80000

Sales info:

The book is a new release, coming out January 25, 2016. Since then it has received 17 reviews, all 4+ stars. The rank hovers between 10,000 and 50,000, depending on the day. It has been bestseller in the "self-mutilation" catergory since its release.

Sample text:

Chapter 1


Kylee leaned against her bedroom door, her heart beating erratically. Even from here, she could hear Bill swearing and yelling in the living room. She squeezed her eyes shut. Why was he still going on? He should have forgotten about her by now.

“Please stay in the other room. Please stay in the other room,” she chanted to herself. She glanced down at her throbbing arm, noting the small rivulet of blood collecting in the corner of her elbow.

Her mom’s shouting mingled with Bill’s, and something large crashed into a wall. The single-story house rattled as Bill’s thundering footsteps approached.

“Kylee!” he roared, the full extent of his fury echoing in the one word.

She whimpered. Her eyes landed on the chair scooted against the wooden desk next to the closet. She lunged for it, intent on propping it under the doorknob like she had so many times in the past.

Barely had she vacated her spot by the door before it banged open, slamming into the opposite wall with its force. Kylee shrieked and spun around.

“I’m sorry,” she sputtered, her hands splayed out in front of her for protection. “I should have stayed out of it. I—”

He cut the rest of her apology off with a left hook to her jaw. Kylee stumbled backwards and went down to her knees, a little surprised she hadn’t seen that coming. Bill was angrier than usual.

“What did I—” she began, but this time his punch knocked her into the desk. A searing pain lanced through her forehead. The sudden instinct to flee powered through her limbs. She had to get out. Bill blocked the exit to her room, which left her window as the only retreat.

Kylee shot forward, putting all her effort into getting to the window before Bill could get to her. 

Book translation status:

The book is available for translation into any language except those listed below:

Already translated. Translated by Jenny Riemer
Already translated. Translated by karina pinotti
Author review:
She got the job done. Only as I've been going through it have I realized she used google translate for about 95% of it. Even names she sometimes forgot, having instances of Price (my main character) being changed to "preço" (the translation for the price of something) and the character Theresa being translated to "Ha um" (there is one).

I could have done the same job without sharing royalties. I didn't even realize she'd gotten the title wrong until after I approved it, and when I pointed it out to her, she apologized and told me her English isn't so great. I don't think you should be translating books then, dear. Punctuation is all over the place.

I'm quite a bit unhappy with this as now I feel I need a native to go back through and make sure it doesn't read like a computer.
Already translated. Translated by Maria Bru
Author review:
Fantastic to work with and easy to communicate with. Did everything I requested. We haven't discussed marketing yet so I can't evaluate on that but I will after we do.

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