Last Duke Standing by Cheryl Bolen

Newly succeeded duke joins with dead brother's fiancee to find his killer.

Last duke standing

As the third son of the Duke of Fordham, Alex never thought he'd become a duke. But he's suddenly catapulted to the lofty title after his slightly older brother dies in his sleep. Now Alex has the onerous task of announcing the death to the woman his brother was to wed.

Ever pragmatic, Lady Georgiana Fenton insists on seeing the late duke's body, and when she does, she's convinced he was smothered as he slept. She and the new duke decide to secretly work together to uncover the murderer. But the longer they're together, the harder it becomes to resist the duke's scorching kisses--and even harder to dismiss him from the list of suspects. No one had more to gain by her fiancé's death. . .

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Language: English

Keywords: historical mystery, Georgette Heyer, Jane Austen, Julia Quinn, English aristocracy, dukes

Word Count: 61,000

Sales info:

I've been an Amazon All Star, a multiple USA Today bestseller, and a New York Times bestseller.

Sample text:

The calamitous intelligence that would redirect the course of Lord Alex Haversham’s life was delivered to him while he sat in the library of his family’s home. He and his boyhood friend Sinjin—Lord Slade—had come to Gosingham Hall not to partake of his ducal brother’s shooting party but to draft penal reform legislation. Upon this frosty March morning, the members of the shooting party had departed while he and Sinjin debated the merits of transporting a man for depriving a hare of its life.

When the butler entered the chamber, Alex hardly looked up from the vellum upon which he was writing. Mannings cleared his throat and prefaced his remark with, “Your grace.”

Had the servant’s advanced years stolen away his faculties?

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