Kiss of Fury by Deborah Cooke

One act of passion can save the world…

One act of passion can save the world…

Kiss of fury

Scientist Alexandra Madison was on the verge of unveiling an invention that would change the world. Then her partner was murdered, their lab was burned, and their prototype was destroyed. While Alex is in the hospital recovering from burns suffered in the fire, recurring dragon-haunted nightmares threaten to land her in the psychiatric ward, but she knows she has to escape to her lab to rebuild the Green Machine.

Handsome, daring, and impulsive, Donovan Shea is more than willing to do his part in the Pyr/Slayer war. Assigned to protect Alex, Donovan is shocked when her presence ignites his firestorm. He has no desire for a destined mate, but Alex’s intelligence and determination inspire him to join the fight to save her invention. With the Slayers closing in, Donovan knows he would surrender his life for Alex…and lose his heart to possess her.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal / Shifters

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Fantasy

Language: English

Keywords: dragon shifter romance, fated mates, enemies to lovers, opposites attract, love unexpected, bad boy hero, urban fantasy romance

Word Count: 114,000

Sales info:

This is the second book in my Dragonfire series of paranormal romances. Please do not offer for this book until the first book in the series has been translated.

Sample text:

Hell had swallowed her world.

Worse, there was nothing Alex could do about it.

The flames raged from every side, their orange tongues greedily devouring files, walls, carpeting. It was impossible, improbable that the lab should erupt in fire now. Mark had run through the flames into the lab, but she feared for his life.

Alex was about to go after Mark when someone laughed.

More than one someone.

For once in her life, Alex was cautious. She held a damp cloth over her mouth and listened. Her heart pounded and her palms went damp. She heard the intruders fling open file drawers, heard the flames crackle as fuel was added to the fire. She heard computers crash and screens shatter. She heard the fire alarm ringing insistently as the smoke got thicker.

The laughter became louder, closer, meaner.

Then she heard them smashing the Green Machine in the lab. The sound irritated her. Alex had worked years on this project and was within an increment of loosing it on the world. She had forfeited everything; Mark had mortgaged everything; they had begged and borrowed, and it was within a single hair of paying off.

But someone was trying to destroy that dream.

Alex wasn’t going to let that happen. She ran out of her office and her first breath burned her lungs. The carpet in the corridor was in flames. The file room had become an inferno.

None of it stopped her. She ducked her head, darted into the fire, and headed for the lab.

Mark screamed. It was a wrenching cry of pain, a sound unlike anything she’d ever heard him make before.

Alex ran faster.

The laughter grew louder, more malicious. Alex rounded the last corner in the corridor, confronted a wall of flames, and braced herself for the worst.

But what she saw in the lab was beyond any vision of hell she could have imagined...

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Already translated. Translated by Rodrigo Peixoto
Already translated. Translated by Majo Dominguez

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