Keto Snacks, Bacon & Cookies Cookbook by Brittany Brandon

Easy and Simple Homemade Ketogenic Recipes for Snacks, Bacon, Pies, fat bombs

Keto Snacks, Bacon and Cookies

Keto snacks, bacon & cookies cookbook

With your time in observing the ketogenic diet, do you still crave for snacks and bacon?

How badly do you want to include snacks, kinds of bacon and cookies into your keto diet?

This cookbook is the answer:

“Keto Snacks, Bacon & Cookies Cookbook: Easy and Simple Homemade Ketogenic Recipes for Snacks, Bacon, Pies, cookies, fat bombs, and Smoothies for Healthy Weight Loss”

We're all aware that ketogenic lifestyle is excellent and good for our health? But adjusting to this lifestyle is a major task that must be done. You want to live keto style and the cravings for snacks are looking straight into your eyes! You want to eat snacks, cookies, and fat bombs for your breakfast, between meals but the fear of getting out of ketosis is always there!

This cookbook covers the harmony between these set of foods with other well-balanced ketogenic diets, that are full of low carb, moderate protein and high fat. The calories in these recipes are will keep your body healthy and active

This cookbook is not only for keto snacks, bacon and cookies, others such as pies, fat bombs, smoothies etc. are also included.
They are specially homemade and easy to cook 140 recipes that will meet your cravings, supply energy and at the same time will not add far to your weight.
Some of the unique recipes in this cookbook are;
Prosciutto Bites
Cheesy Stuffed Olives
Garlic Bacon Burgers
Chicken Bacon Soup
Bacon Cheesy Brussels
Bacon With Chicken Bites
Chocolate Cream
Almond Cookies
Cheesy Cream Cookies
Lemon Flavored Coconut Cookies
Tasty Creamy Chews
Blueberries Cheesecake Fat Bombs
Butter Cashew Fat Bombs
Avocado Green Smoothie
Ginger Blueberry Smoothie
And lots more!

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Word Count: 18,302

Sample text:

Keto diet, in its way, allows me to eat different foods that ordinarily I won’t be able to eat if I want to maintain or reduce weight. So keto diet is a kind of diet that consists of low carbs, medium protein, and high fats. The keto is a diet that allows me to eat bacon, keto fat bombs, cakes, smoothies, and shakes. I can start my day with bacon with eggs, then take chicken wings in the afternoon and decided to settle for broccoli and steak for dinner, and there is no repercussion.

The moment I followed the keto diet religiously my body goes into the state of ketosis, where fat is burnt in my

body for fuel rather than glucose. Keto diet is only to reduce weight but also help in the improvement of mental clarity. Another benefit I discovered was that my craving for food reduced and I had increased in energy.

Though in the beginning, I experienced keto flu. I knew that some of the friends did not experience it. In this situation, I felt lethargic and experienced headaches but did not last long since I have a warning of what the outcome of keto flu would be.

Are you part of those that believe that to reduce weight you have to stop consuming fat filled foods? This cookbook contains foods such as keto kinds of bacon, keto snacks, keto fat bombs that are fat-filled but have been proportioned in keto way.

All the recipes in the book consist of:

70 – 80 % fat

5 – 10 % Carbohydrates

20 – 25 % Protein

My first five weeks in eating these foods, I lost a

considerable amount of fat, and I’m feeling enormous great of energy throughout the day.

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