Julia Jones' Diary - Book 7: My Dream Pony by Katrina Kahler

Diary of a Girl Who Loves Horses - Perfect for girls aged 9-12

Julia jones' diary - book 7: my dream pony

Julia's dream of having her own horse finally becomes a reality. Her new pony, Bella is the most beautiful creature she has ever seen... 

"I thought back to the first time I'd ever laid eyes on her. The idea that I would actually become the owner of an animal so stunningly beautiful was completely beyond me!" 

Julia experiences the wonderful world of horses, pony club and the joy of riding with close friends, all the while, her bond with her pony becoming stronger and stronger. 
But she soon finds out that owning a horse can create a lot more excitement than she bargained for. It then becomes a very lucky break when she hears of the wonderful horse gentler who can help her to finally have her Dream Pony, however she is certainly not prepared for what lies ahead. 

What actually is in store for Julia and Bella and will they 
be able to overcome the obstacles in their path? 

This book continues the Julia Jones series and is a must read for all horse loving girls. It is a suspenseful roller coaster ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next. If you enjoyed "Diary of a Horse Mad Girl" you will love "Julia Jones' Diary - My Dream Pony." 

This is a story for anyone looking for a great horse book for girls. Regardless of whether or not you love horses, it's definitely a book that you will love to read!

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Animals / Horses

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Social Issues / Friendship

Language: English

Keywords: horse books for girls, horse, books for girls, Diary of a Horse Mad Girl, diary Julia Jones, horse books, the horse gentler

Word Count: 18857

Sales info:

This book is often number 1 in its category. It is selling extremely well and follows on with the story of Julia Jones which is an extremely popular series of books for girls.

UK - Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #8,661 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

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US - Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #30,363 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

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Sample text:

The accident…

As I pulled on the reins, desperately trying to slow her down, the distant screams ringing in my ears seemed surreal. Where were they coming from? Who could possibly be screaming so hysterically? And why did I suddenly feel such an intense stab of agonizing pain? With a jolt of realization, I regained focus only to become aware that I wasn’t dreaming and I wasn’t asleep in my bed with wild thoughts racing through my head. It was actually a living nightmare, I was at the center of it and the screams were coming from me.

“Heeelp meee!” I screamed desperately, knowing full well that there was no one to hear my pitiful cries. And as we sped through the thick woodlands, tree branches scraping my face and arms at every turn, I hung on with a strength that I never knew I possessed, praying that Bella would eventually come to a stop.

The blackness of the night was terrifying and all I could do was grip hold of the reins the way I had been taught and keep focusing on staying in the saddle. I had no idea where we were, or where we would end up, but the thoughts that raced through my mind were simply prayers for survival.

Clinging on furiously with a fistful of her mane also held tightly in my grasp, it took every ounce of determination I had to remain seated. And just as I thought the nightmare would never end, she took an abrupt turn through a sudden clearing of trees, only to place us head on in the path of glaring headlights that were bearing quickly down upon us.

The loud screeching of brakes as I felt her front legs rear skywards, was the last thing I remember; that and the dizzy sensation of falling, which almost felt it was happening in slow motion, until I hit the ground with a heavy thud.

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Sandra is a very reliable translator and a pleasure to work with. I can recommend her very highly.
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Once again, Cinta has produced a top quality translation ahead of time. Cinta is an absolute pleasure to work with and I can always rely on her professionalism. Very, very highly recommended!

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