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Joyous expansion

Do You Want To Achieve Greatness?

Do You Want More Passion In Your Life?
Get your copy of the most easy to understand transformational book!Brett Dupree has discovered a key to living an inspired life with passion. Using personal stories, and his Joyous Expansion Intention System, Brett can teach you how to achieve all of your dreams with passion.
This clear and down-to-earth book is filled with practical tips that will increase your joy.

Reading this book you will learn to:

Be a true self leader.
Get out of the rat race and enjoy your journey.
Write powerful intentions that focus your determination to reach your desires.
Celebrate your life and learn from your outcomes.
Transform your life and create lasting change.

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Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Language: English


Word Count: 66745

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My book sales are good. I have ranked #21 in Motivational speaking. I am constantly promoting my book and will until the day I die.

Sample text:

How a Comedy Changed My Life

One day in college, I watched a movie that changed my life. Kingpin was made by the Farrelly brothers, and it is about a pro bowler, played by Woody Harrelson, who gets screwed by an- other pro bowler, played by Bill Murray. After wasting his life away, Woody Harrelson’s character finds an Amish prodigy played by Randy Quaid to take to the bowling championships to win $500,000. This is not exactly the movie that normally changes a person’s life. It wasn’t even the first time I saw this movie.

The first time I saw it, I thought it was funny. A few days later, I was talking to one of my best friends about how awesome the movie was and he mentioned the fact that the movie was very uplifting. This perspective confused me. Then he explained how Woody’s character took responsibility for his life at the end of the

Transforming Your Life from Blah to Awe


movie. This stuck with me. A few months later, I bought the movie on VHS and I watched Kingpin again, looking for the lesson that my friend pointed out to me.

I was shocked; he was right. I stopped the movie and I started to think about the lesson presented in Kingpin. I looked within myself and asked whether this lesson could be part of my life. That is when I fell to my knees. My mind was racing as I felt like some- thing outside of me was calling me. Then it was like a flash of lightning and I understood everything about responsibility. I was rocked to my core. In that moment, I realized that all of the loneli- ness, fear, and pain I had experienced up to that point in my life was my own doing

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