John's Book by N. Kundalini

The Sex Mogul

The bodyguard/do-it-all of the Sir tells his history

John's book

John Jones was the driver/bodyguard/do-it-all right arm of the Sex Mogul. After the death of The Sir, his widow, Joanna, published her memories. This incentives John to also air his own history.
This book is a sequel to The Sex Mogul, The Saga of a Lifetime, and The Sex Mogul, The Caretaker Report.

Genre: YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Action & Adventure / General

Language: English

Keywords: Romance, Drama, Millionaire, BDSM, Crime, Bodyguard

Word Count: 36.500

Sample text:

 “You are supposed to receive your duties roaster in your room. Only then you may leave your room.”

“I understand, Sir, but the medical department…”

“I’m not interested. Back to your room. NOW.”

Needless to say, I rushed to my room. Nor running, but fast paced. Once there, on my bed, was a sheet of paper. It read: ‘Go to the ruins. Fully geared.’

Fully geared? What the heck? I had no gear besides the trousers, T-shirts and boots they handed me before and that I was wearing. Maybe the wardrobe? When opened, it revealed a set of equipment. Battle uniform I’ve never had seen before. White overall, the kind that covers arms. Gloves. A helmet. Face mask. An airsoft pistol and an M4 rifle. Grenades and a bottle of pellets. White ones. A white plastic vest.

I set myself up and went to the ruins. When I arrived there, there was a man standing by a woman sitting behind a computer monitor.

“Who are you?” The man asked.

“John Jones, Sir, Room fifteen.” The woman answered before I had a chance to reply.

“And where the hell were you? Your party is in there for almost one hour already.” The woman turned to me.

“My… party, Ma’am? I didn’t know that. I was at the Doctor’s office.”

“Doing what?”

“The nurse, Ma’am. She wanted me to do some physical exercises and to collect… fluids.” That was not a lie.

Book translation status:

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Already translated. Translated by Nelson Leonel De Benedetti
Author review:
Another great translation and perfect formatting. Thanks
Already translated. Translated by Zulay Salas
Author review:
Great translation, timely.

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