Joe Devlin: At the Enemy's Hand (Space Academy Series Book 4) by James R. Thomas

Middle Grade Science Fiction age 8+

Joe devlin: at the enemy's hand (space academy series book 4)

In Book Four of the Space Academy Series, the Intergalactic Space Force seeks revenge after being attacked by a mysterious enemy. Have the Tourians joined forces with a new adversary to exact their own vengeance? Should the ISF strike back? Meanwhile, Joe struggles to fight off his wartime demons while preparing to embark upon a clandestine mission in search of his loved ones. With the power of the Black Medallion in his hands, this undertaking may lead to Joe’s own demise—if its influence does not destroy him first. Come join Joe Devlin as he starts his journey, but hurry! Things will get rough fast with paranoia and treachery around every corner.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Action & Adventure / General

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Science & Technology

Language: English

Keywords: Youth Sci-Fiction

Word Count: 50431

Sample text:

ISF Unity’s enormous superstructure glowed heavily against Bandor’s night, creating a halo effect when seen from space. Its brilliance made it impossible for Cadet Second Class Joe Devlin to distinguish any artificial light surrounding the towering blaze for a great distance. Joe had been flying classified training missions that experienced officers would have been jealous of, known only to the top brass.

One month had passed from what had become recognized as the Battle of the Destiny Space Station, and the center core of the Unity’s hull still burned as hot as if it had just crashed. Only smaller sections of the ship, which broke off during its fiery descent through the atmosphere, lay cool throughout the countryside. The scene of the wreckage deeply pained Joe; it was a graphic reminder of his government’s failed strategy against the Tourians, and a symbol of a new-unknown and a very formidable enemy.

Joe rolled his fighter slightly to the left as he rounded Bandor toward ISF Valiant, now guarding the operationally dead space station. The station lay in ruins in orbit above the moon, Crya, with the vessel’s two center vertical columns barely attached to its upper and lower rings. Maintenance ships and personnel were working around the clock to keep the station from further falling apart. Massive explosions during the fight had separated one of the two hangars from its moorings, setting it adrift to crash on the moon. The other hangar, along with the personnel habitation rings below it was peppered with blast holes of all sizes. A few were so large that you could see huge swaths of the moon directly through the station.

“Valiant, Adepto One inbound for Hangar Bay Three,” radioed Joe.

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