Jewel Cave by Elizabeth Noble

Circles Book 3

A perilous climb to love.

Jewel cave

A perilous climb to love.

After ten wonderful years together, despite challenges and changes, both good and bad, Griff Diamond and Clint Bishop still love each other but their physical relationship has lost the spark it once had. Griff’s career as a US Marshall is going strong, but after being laid off from his job Clint pursues a career as writer and becomes a published author.

When another writer turns his friendly relationship with Clint into an obsession Clint’s life is put in danger. Kidnapped and taken to the Jewel Cave system in South Dakota, Clint must use the skills he’s learned over the years from Griff, a seasoned caver, to stay alive.

Using every skill he has, Griff races against time to save Cliff from his crazed kidnapper. Will he get back the love he was afraid he’d lost?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Suspense

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Gay

Language: English

Keywords: kidnapping thriller, crime thriller, stalker, gay marriage, mmromance, mmromanticsuspense, us marshal, mm marriage

Word Count: 46000

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Best Sellers Rank: #749,096 in Kindle Store (See Top 100 in Kindle Store)

#707 in LGBTQ+ Mystery (Kindle Store)
#10,003 in Gay Fiction
#16,081 in Gay Romance

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4.4 out of 5 stars    33 ratings

Winner of several awards

Sample text:

That was a request Dylan had made a few times in the last few weeks. The invitation and how it was phrased struck Clint as odd, but then again, Dylan was what most people would consider a very unique individual. Some days it was more of an effort not to read between the lines with these sorts of things. Clint reasoned it was a hazard of being a writer of suspense. Everything turned into a conspiracy.

Phoenix yawned, brushed his tail along the floor for a few seconds, and went back to sleep. Clint let his hands drop so his palms rested against his knees for a few seconds before he stood. The other dog, Fern, moved from the floor in Clint’s office to the couch in the living room.

“Traitor,” Clint grumbled. He stood for a few minutes in the wide double doorway between the rooms, grabbed the doorframe, and stretched. “He wants me to beta read this crap and love it, then commiserate when no one buys it. And what is with the ‘let’s get together’ thing all of a sudden? It’s not like I’m single, and he knows that. If he’s hinting at writing a book together, he’s really crazy. My name isn’t going on that crap.”

Fern yawned and curled into a ball while Phoenix snored.

“‘The publishers are biased. The reviewers don’t understand me…’ blah… blah. If I hear this shit one more time from him….” Clint looked from one dog to the other. “You guys aren’t even listening to me. When I say ‘eat,’ you two are all attentive.”

Both dogs rolled to their feet and stared expectantly at him, tails thumping, ears forward. Clint sighed and shook his head. “You two are so predictable. Okay, c’mon.” When he looked out the window, he wasn’t surprised to see the sunny afternoon fading. Clint was hungry too and decided it was time to think about dinner.

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