Jasper by Eileen Sheehan

The Beginning

Taking a shortcut through a dark and remote alley on Halloween night proved to be a life changing decision of research scientist, Jasper Greene.


Taking a shortcut through a dark and remote alley on Halloween night proved to be a life changing decision of research scientist, Jasper Greene.

Bitten by a zombie and brutally attacked by a group of werewolves, he was left for dead only to be discovered and rescued by a vampire king who took him home to heal. Delighted to discover that Jasper's research was on genetics with a focus on elongating life (for which he often used himself as a test subject due to lack of money), the vampire king assigned him the task of shifting the vampire DNA so that it was less obvious what they were when in the company of humans. With his assistant, Lila, in tow he was provided a lab and set to work. With toxins from werewolves and zombies mingling with the vampire blood he was provided during his healing time, Jasper struggled to adjust to his new body while he did his best to accommodate the vampires until the opportunity to escape presented itself. But, where does a man who has vampire, werewolf and zombie traits go?

"The Beginning", is book 1 of the Jasper series.

Genre: FICTION / Thrillers / Supernatural

Language: English

Keywords: shifters, vampires, sci fi, fantasy, paranormal romance, alpha male, thriller, suspense

Word Count: 53,964

Sales info:

This is presently on pre-order for 99 cents.  it will go up to 3.99 when released on June 29,2021

Sample text:

Darkness slowly receded as Jasper’s muddled mind gradually regained a semblance of consciousness. Blood steadily oozed past swollen lips as he lay, face down, in a shallow, muddy pothole. He could feel the flesh over his left eye swelling while the throbbing in his head intensified to the extent that he was sure the iron bar that was used to beat him with was lodged deep inside of it.  There was a faint sensation of warmth coating his ears from the blood that steadily trickled from them.  This explained why all sounds were muted and barely audible.

He was grateful that the pothole was shallow enough to keep him from drowning because he had no idea when he’d find the strength to push himself up and out of it. Even the effort of rolling onto his back felt unobtainable. 

He’d run out of money to pay for his research. Never one for waiting until tomorrow to do what could be done today, he’d insisted on making the trip to the other side of town after a late-night dinner to petition his benefactor for more funds even though logic and his assistant told him that his petition could have waited – and probably would have been better received- until the following morning.  If only he’d listened to one or the other.

Knowing that the streets would be barely passable in his car and with his destination less than a mile away, he’d decided to traverse the distance on foot. In his impatience to reach the townhome of the wealthy entrepreneur, Steven Giles, he did what he knew he shouldn’t have done.  He made the fateful mistake of cutting through the alley. 

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Marcelo has translated the majority of my novels. He is my "go to" translator. We work well together and that makes a difference. Highly recommended
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Gloria is my "go to" translator for Spanish. I highly recommend her.

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