Intermittent Fasting: Women Beginners Guide To Lose Fat Fast With Ketogenic Diet by Irene Alodah

Women Beginners Guide To Lose Fat Fast With Ketogenic Diet

Intermittent fasting: women beginners guide to lose fat fast with ketogenic diet


The first book is on the ketogenic style of dieting, and explains how this low carb style of dieting produces great results, and how you can begin using it. 

The second book is on intermittent fasting, and explains the science behind fasting for weight loss. You will discover the different fasting techniques, and be given some strategies for implementing them!

The third and final book is on carb cycling. This book explains how this dieting style works, and gives you some sample weekly plans. 

If you want to lose weight, this dieting box set provides you with a range of different methods for doing so. Get your copy today and discover which dieting style will suit you the best!
The first book is on carb cycling. It explains this dieting type, and shows you how it works for weight loss. This includes sample suggestions for meal plans and how to implement this in your own life!

The second book is on intermittent fasting. You will learn about the science of this dieting type, gain an understanding of how it works, and be given strategies to implement it yourself.

If you want to lose weight, these books are a fantastic place to start! 

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Fasting has been used for many purposes across many cultures even before written history. It has been used for religious reasons, protests, medicinal cures, and rituals. In religions, from Paganism to Catholicism, people fast to worship or to observe holy days. In the animal kingdom, many organisms fast when they are ill or stressed. Understanding the historical significance of fasting can help illustrate the benefits it brings about. Many people in modern times are skeptical about using fasting for health purposes because there has not been a sufficient amount of research to prove its benefits. However, history shows many cultures who incorporated fasting for similar purposes despite not having interactions with each other.

Nearly every major religion practices fasting for various spiritual reasons. Muslims fast during the holy month of Ramadan and Catholics fast during Lent. Judaism has its own occasions of fasting, including Yom Kippur. Hinduism, Paganism, Gnosticism, Christianity, Wicca, etc. Religions incorporate fasting in various degrees for spiritual reasons. Even Native Americans used fasting to please their deities. Religious purposes for fasting usually include an element of sacrifice or penance, but also involve elements of purification, spiritual visions, and mourning. Some primitive societies used fasting as a ritual in coming-of-age ceremonies. Many times, fasting is for spiritual purposes because they believe it breaks the attachment to food that can impede our ability to focus on more beneficial things. Rather than feeding the body, the focus shifts to feeding the mind and spirit.

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