Intercepted by Love - A Football Romance - Part 6 by Rachelle Ayala

Cade and Andie's enemies wreak havoc with their wedding plans.

Intercepted by love - a football romance - part 6

Will Barb be back for Cade and Andie's wedding?

Victory should be sweet for pro quarterback, Cade Prescott. He’s won the Super Bowl MVP, has a baby on the way, and is marrying the love of his life, librarian Andie Wales.

Raised by foster parents, Cade yearns to be part of a real family. Unfortunately, his mother is running from the law, and Andie refuses to plan the wedding unless her future mother-in-law is included.

Meanwhile, their enemies have not given up, and unbeknownst to Andie and Cade, they are on their way to exact revenge.

Will Cade and Andie’s special day result in reconciliation or utter ruin?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Contemporary Women

Language: English

Keywords: engagement wedding, football sports athlete, family drama, Hollywood wedding bride, pregnancy baby, woman in jeopardy, romantic comedy

Word Count: 38484

Sales info:

Intercepted by Love is a 6-part serial that is sexy, contemporary, and fun. The six books have made me the most money of all my romances combined, and it is very popular with steamy romance readers. Audiobooks are also available.

Sample text:

“How’s my birthday girl?” Cade Prescott silenced the alarm clock and placed his hand over the pregnant belly of his fiancée, Andie Wales. Sunlight streamed through the lacy curtains of their cottage in the woods outside of Itasca, New York, the small college town where he’d met Andie the year before.

She mumbled and groaned as she rolled toward the side of their waterbed. “Have to pee.”

“Can I give you your birthday kiss?” He rubbed her abdomen. “Or give our little Bonnie a kiss?”

Andie was more than eight months pregnant with their little girl and almost ready to pop. Of course, he knew better than to make any comments about her size or explosive potential. After all, he was in training to be a good husband.

“After I pee.” She threw his hand from her body and swung her legs off the side of the bed.

“Let me help you.” Undaunted, he sprang from the bed and grabbed her hands, pulling her to her feet.

“Oh, come on, Cade.” Andie twisted to get out of his grip. “I can at least pee by myself.”

“I know that, but you’ve been on bedrest for over twelve weeks.” He followed her to the bathroom, trying not to worry. Now that she was past the danger zone, her doctor had allowed her to get out of bed and move around.

Andie hobbled to the toilet and pulled up her nightgown. “Can you shut the door?”

“You sure you won’t fall in there?” He closed the door, leaving a crack. “Make sure to use the handrails.”

“I’m pregnant, not disabled. Sheesh.”

Was it his imagination, or was his usually amiable and easygoing Andie turning into a grouch?

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Maria is awesome to work with. I'm very happy with her translations. Thanks!
Already translated. Translated by Helén Hedlund

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