Intercepted by Love - A Football Romance - Part 4 by Rachelle Ayala

Manipulations abound from coworkers, bosses, and Cade's mother suffers a relapse.

Intercepted by love - a football romance - part 4

Can Andie recover from her trauma? Will Cade find out who's behind his troubles?
To protect those he loves, Cade is forced to play dirty with one exception: on the playing field. Meanwhile, Andie is drawn deeper into the manipulations of a coworker who doesn’t have her best interests at heart.

Andie's mother appears on the scene to help while Cade's mother suffers a horrible relapse. A shocking twist upends everything Cade believed and forces Andie to reconsider whether she'd been too trusting of the man who'd wormed his way into her heart.

Cliffhanger - Watch for excitement to mount with Cade and Andie's love story in Part 5

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Contemporary Women

Language: English

Keywords: blackmail mystery, football sports athlete, family drama secret baby, workplace Hollywood, romantic suspense, woman in danger, second chance

Word Count: 47653

Sales info:

Intercepted by Love is a 6-part serial that is sexy, contemporary, and fun. The six books have made me the most money of all my romances combined, and it is very popular with steamy romance readers. Audiobooks are also available.

Sample text:

Where am I? What happened to me? Who am I?

Andie felt her way through the smoky mist between spindly gray trees, devoid of greenery. Her lungs ached, and her throat was clogged. A puffing sound whooshed and whirled between her lips, and shadows crept over her eyelids.

The cloth covering her body was rough and homespun, and she wore a pair of leather sandals. She hiked onward, following the swooshing sound. Was there a river close by? A waterfall?

The clang of clashing metal and heavy thuds were offset by the guttural howls of men—rough voices, shouting commands mixed with grunts of pain.

Andie felt the marching feet between the pounding of her heartbeat before she spied them. Warriors armed with iron shields and swords chopped and hacked at each other.

A man with bright red hair led the charge, shouting orders. He was nimble and quick, fending off the enemy from all sides with his sword. He looked familiar, like she should have known him.

He put the enemy soldiers to flight and raised his sword, commanding his followers to give chase and not let anyone get away. He was the hero, the conqueror, the victor. A man who made her heart leap with joy and her knees weak with desire.


A harsh, dry wind wrapped the cloth around Andie, covering her nose and mouth like a veil. The men disappeared. She was lying in a cave listening to a trickling of water and muted conversation in a language she did not understand.

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Already translated. Translated by Maria calderón
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Wonderful to work with. Prompt with a great translation. Thanks!
Already translated. Translated by Helén Hedlund
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Thanks so much for all your hard work. Great working with you.

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