Innocent 5: Janeesia by L.A. Zoe

Dramatic Arts degree in hand, Janeesia aims for Hollywood stardom.

Innocent 5: janeesia

Dramatic Arts degree in hand, Janeesia aims for Hollywood stardom.

In the meantime, she sells heating and cooling equipment inspections by phone to pay the bills. To get more acting experience, she auditions for every part that opens up.

Even in an "experimental" play such as Desert Island Blues, written and directed by the tyrannical, takes-everything-seriously Tatum.

Janeesia didn't expect to play a cactus, but it's still a speaking part, so she accepts it. She plans to joke about it when she accepts her Academy Award.

She also doesn't plan on kissing Tatum, but at a cast party, somehow that's what she does.

Which leads to a "friendly" date to watch an opera -- just because they both hate opera -- and a late night stroll on the Promenade bordering the Mississippi River. Janeesia really doesn't expect what happens that night.

After all, Janeesia has never identified as a lesbian. What is happening to her?

Janeesia also doesn't know Tatum still suffers from the heartache of losing her most beloved girlfriend to marriage with a man, and self-medicates her depression with alcohol.

Janeesia also doesn't realize how much her father's alcoholism still haunts her.

Or how much her ambition for commercial success violates Tatum's personal standards of artistic and political purity.

With so many obstacles, it's a wonder Janeesia can still play a cactus in Tatum's play.

How can they live with their love?

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62,000 words

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Book 5 of The League of Worldly Wise Innocents series.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Lesbian

Language: English

Keywords: new adult, interracial, lesbian, white woman black woman, African-American, big beautiful women, curvy, rubenesque, contemporary women fiction, women's new adult & college, romance, romantic, urban, friendship, 21st century, alcohol abuse, love relationships, family, life, depression, black white, tomboy, dyke, femmes, pussy, BBW, FF, virgin, first time, bisexual, bicurious, full-figured, same sex, plus-sized

Word Count: 62,000

Sample text:

She recognized something--someone--inside Tatum. A frightened but lonely person hiding behind her face, inside her eyes. A secret person Tatum didn't want to reveal to the world, didn't dare acknowledge even to herself.

Someone Janeesia wanted to meet, to get to know.

She realized she kissed that person at the cast party, not the Tatum who directed her play with such a heavy hand.

"And furthermore," Janeesia said, "You can't stop treating me as though it never happened."

Her and Tatum kissing was not anybody's business. But she knew Tatum would understand.


"You know what, Janeesia said. "It did happen. It was just fine. I'm not ashamed, and if you are, then screw you."

"I'm not--"

"Good." The next words poured out of Janeesia's mouth with no thought. "Then it's time we went somewhere. Somewhere new. Somewhere you've never gone, I've never gone."

Tatum looked breathless, pale, and shocked as though Janeesia punched her solar plexus. "Together?"

"Of course together. That's why it's called a date."

She noticed other cast members exchanging glances, but nobody said anything to interrupt.

"A friendly date," Tatum said in a strange voice, as if suddenly speaking French in France without having ever studied it.

"Call it what you want. Me, I've never been to the opera. I always figured I'd hate it, you know."

"I hate opera," Tatum said.

"Great. We have a friendly date to go to the opera next Saturday night. You'll hate it. I'll hate it. So we can blame the opera for having a lousy time. And stop blaming each other."

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