In Defense of Parents by CrossReach Publications

For many years now we Americans have had a convenient culprit upon which to blame just about everything. Parents! But this isn't good.

In defense of parents

For many years now we Americans have had a convenient culprit upon which to blame just about everything. Or rather we have had a whole flock of them, for their name is Legion, and they are charged with a variety of psychological crimes, all of which are within the law as it stands but are destructive and antisocial nevertheless and indirectly the cause of gang fights, rapes, juvenile delinquency, child desertion. dope addiction, embezzlement, switch blade murders, rock and roll hysteria, strong-arm robbery and drunkenness. And who are they? Parents. Yes, sir, Mother and Dad are responsible for all these things.

And who says they are? Why, the psychoanalysts. And how do they know? From a Freudian hypothesis taken on faith because it is incapable of proof. Also the psychiatrists say so, and the childless and frustrated teachers say so because they have read what the psychiatrists have said about it, and the psychiatrists know what they are talking about because they have read what the sociologists have said. Thus by quoting each other and receiving as valid testimony the echo of their own voices they have built an airtight case against Mother and Dad and have decided that the whole trouble with the world is parents. And the parents, overwhelmed by the weight of evidence against them are eating their hearts out in secret or running from one quack to another trying to secure psychological absolution from the sin of contributing to the delinquency of their own children. Like the poor old dog-with-a-badname, they have quit defending themselves. There is no use. Too bad thy cannot do as he often did—just crawl under the wagon shed and wait out the storm!

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