Imagine by Jill Barnett

Escaped convict and female attorney shipwrecked on tropical island with three children and a genie bottle.


"Read this just for the pleaasure" says Romantic Times about Jill Barnett's Imagine.

After years imprisoned on Devil's Island for a murder he never committed, escaped convict Hank Wyatt knows how to survive and believes his luck has finally changed. But when he stows away on board a ship destined to sink, his luck turns bad. He doesn't know if he can last an hour when he is marooned on a deserted island with a beautiful, know-it-all blonde attorney and three orphaned children. Suddenly looking out for number one doesn't seem to be enough. San Francisco attorney Maggie Smith wants to have a good cry. Thoroughly modern, wealthy, and bright, her unwanted holiday turns bad when she is suddenly cast in the role of mother and forced to battle wits and hearts with the most arrogant, pig-headed man she's ever met. Fate has thrown this makeshift family Robinson together, and kismet tosses in a 2000 year-old floating bottle filled with magic. So now is the chance for a love more powerful than they could ever imagine is only a wish away? Father Goose meets Donovan's Reef in this funny and tender historical romance about misfits who find that life might not be so bad after all...if they can do the impossible, and find a way to be family.


Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Historical

Language: English

Keywords: Historical romance, Victorian, Romance, Love story, Alpha hero, Humorous, fairy tale

Word Count: 99,500

Sales info:

Awarrded Waldenbooks Award, USA Today Bestsellers, PW, finalist for the Romance Writes of America Rita Awad, winner Romantic Times Love and Laughter Award, original print run of 350,000 copies and went back to press 5 times.

Sample text:

Chapter 1

San Francisco, October 1896

Margaret Huntington Smith looked as if she had everything. She carried herself with confidence, and her height reinforced that image. She was tall, blond, beautiful, and wealthy. And she was an attorney—at that moment, one very happy attorney.

She wore a cat-in-the-cream kind of smile as she moved down the limestone steps of the courthouse and stepped into a shiny black brougham. She tossed a calfskin portfolio on the plush velvet seat, sat down, and gave a sly wink to the older distinguished-looking gentleman who sat across from her.

Harlan Smith laughed at his daughter’s expression. “Oh, Margaret, my girl, it’s a blasted good thing that you can hide your emotions in the courtroom or you’d never win a case.”

She tugged off her gloves and grinned at him. “I just won this one.”

“Yes, you did, and soundly, too.”

“A great compliment coming from my father, the judge.” She laughed, the hearty clear sound of a woman at ease with her laughter. “It did go rather well, didn’t it?”

“I remember when you tied your hair up in ribbons.” He shook his head, then gave a wry laugh. “Now you cut the opposing attorney into ribbons.”

“And you taught me everything I know.” 

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