If It's Love by Amanda Mariel

She soon discovers that one shared kiss is not nearly enough, but dare she give in to her desire?

If it's love

A hellion determined to live life to the fullest…

Lady Hannah Blakey has no plans to settle down anytime soon. The allure of gaming, horse racing, and scotch are far too powerful, not to mention enjoyable. Therefore, she ignores her brother’s insistence that she marry and thwarts him every chance she can.

A man bound by friendship…

Graham Fulton, Marquess Ramsbury could scarcely believe his eyes when he discovered his best friends sister, Lady Hannah Blakey, dressed as a man engaging in cards at one of London’s seedier clubs. Did the woman have no care? Out of duty to his friend, he escorted the minx home. He never could have imagined what would follow.

A dangerous attraction…

Much to her dismay, Hannah finds herself smitten with Ramsbury. A state she knows is hazardous to her freedom, but she is powerless to fight her growing attraction. She soon discovers that one shared kiss is not nearly enough, but dare she give in to her desire?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / Victorian

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Language: English

Keywords: Regency Romance, Historical Romance, Saga, British Fiction, regency Rogue, Historical Fiction

Word Count: 19658

Sales info:

I am a USA Today Bestselling Author and If It's Love has strong and steady sales.

Sample text:

Lady Hannah Blakey stood behind a vingt-et-un table inside of the Golden Eagle. She well and truly understood the danger she’d placed herself in. Venturing into such a seedy part of London, and entering a male gaming hell with a less than stellar reputation, could be her ruin—or worse. But she could not stop herself. Not when the allure was so strong.

A high stakes game was taking place within the dingy walls of the establishment this evening. One of London’s most infamous card sharps, a man known only as the Talon, was playing. Rumor had it that the Talon hadn’t played cards in more than a dozen years, though his name remained infamous. 

Hannah simply had to pay witness to the game. Therefore, she did what any sensible woman would and dressed like a street urchin in breeches and a floppy, well-worn hat. For good measure, she smudged coal on her face and shirt. Hannah minded her own business not speaking to anyone, and thus far, the others had paid her no attention. Everyone’s attention remained riveted on the game and the infamous Talon.

The hairs at the back of Hannah’s neck prickled and she darted her gaze around the poorly lit room. Was someone watching her? She conducted another slow sweep of the space before returning her attention to the play at hand. It had to be her imagination, and yet she remained unsettled. Nerves…her mind was surely playing tricks on her. And why wouldn’t she be a bit nervous when she was risking so much?

Hannah shook the thoughts away and took a deep breath. She hadn’t come here to turn Lilly and fret the night away. No, she’d come to witness history first hand, and dammit, she would do just that. She craned her head to gain a better view as the Talon accepted a new card.

“Lady Hannah, I dare say I almost didn’t recognize you.” A masculine voice whispered far too close to her ear.


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