I Shrunk My Best Friend! - Book 2 - Zac to the Rescue!: Books for Girls ages 9-12 by Katrina Kahler, John Zakour

Bella and Joe continue their exciting adventure in Zac's house.

I shrunk my best friend! - book 2 - zac to the rescue!: books for girls ages 9-12

Bella and Joe continue their exciting adventure in Zac's house. Unfortunately Zac's younger brother and sister take control of the situation, placing the two tiny friends in danger. Faced with wild animals and terrifying bugs, as well as being at the mercy of a hyperactive and not very bright pair of siblings, Bella and Joe need to think quickly if they are going to have a chance of surviving their unfortunate ordeal. 

However, when Bella's biggest nightmare becomes a reality, and Zac discovers Bella and Zac in his kitchen, she decides that this is the worst situation of all. What will Zac think of her now? Will she ever have a chance with Zac and will the tiny pair finally make their way home or not? Find out what happens next, in book 2 of the hilarious story, I Shrunk My Best Friend.

A perfect book for girls aged 9-12.

Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Comics & Graphic Novels / General

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE FICTION / Science & Technology

Language: English

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Word Count: 23460

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Sample text:

Okay, this wasn’t so good. Through very little fault of my own, I had managed to use one of my mom’s crazy inventions to shrink my BFF Joe, and myself. Just because we mistook a shrink ray for a time ray. Okay, maybe this was a little bit our fault. But we’re kids, we’re bound to do silly things now and then. Plus, it really wasn’t our fault at all that we fell into a box filled with old toys and got accidently transported to the home of my classmate, Zac. Yep, so now my best friend, Joe and I were two inches tall, in Zac’s kitchen, at the mercy of Zac’s little brother Bobby. So far, Bobby was the only person to know about our little situation. He let us call my home and I got in contact with my little sister, Becky. I told her of our problem and asked her to tell Mom. Joe looked at me. “Do you really think Becky will tell your mom? After all, Becky isn’t your biggest fan. I nodded. “Yeah, I admit we have issues, but I’m sure she’ll tell our mom.” I paused. “At least, eventually… We just need to last long enough for her to get here. I think we can do that. We’re two smart kids.” “We did get ourselves shrunk,” Joe noted. I pointed at Bobby. “But now we have Bobby here on our side. Right, Bobby?” Bobby stood there grinning. “You got it. As long as I get my wishes! I will get my wishes, right?” “Of course,” I said. Bobby laughed. “Great!” He held up a finger. “I’ll be back in a minute. I need to get a piece of paper so I can write down my list of wishes.” “Wait, do you know how to write?” I asked. Bobby giggled. “Grown ups do it all the time. How hard can it be?” Joe looked at me.



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