I Love You, Salvatore by Marita A. Hansen

My life with Salvatore Santini was a beautiful love story.... one that ended far too soon.

I love you, salvatore

Every love story is important, whether it ends in a happy-ever-after or tragedy, because two people shared something so special that it made them value each other’s life more than their own. I know this is true because my life with Salvatore Santini was a beautiful love story…

One that ended far too soon.

But I would rather live for only one day with him, than suffer a lifetime without him. Being with Salvatore was worth a thousand deaths. Through him, I experienced heaven on earth, something very few people find. So don’t cry for me, I was truly happy. But if you can’t stop your tears, save them for Salvatore…

The one I left behind.

*Salvatore is also in another series called The Santini Brothers.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Crime

Language: English

Keywords: Mafia, Soul Mates, Love Story, Tragedy, Family

Word Count: 45,426

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I Love You, Salvatore is a spin-off from the successful Santini Brothers' series, as well as My Masters' Nightmare. It is a novella, and can be considered part of two series: The Santini Brothers and The Five Families.

Sample text:


I’m Rosa Aggio

There were three moments in my life that changed everything

The first was my father’s death

The second was meeting Salvatore Santini

And the last was running after my son that fateful spring day


My five-year-old son shot through the exit, yelling: “My teddy!”

I ran after Piero, pushing past people to get to him. The servants and my family were all moving in the opposite direction, heading for the bomb shelter. We’d been warned that bombs had been planted in the main house. A mafia war was in full swing on our island, sweeping up all of the families into its unrelenting violence. And right now, my son was going to be a casualty of war if I didn’t catch him in time.

I screamed at Piero to stop, but he disappeared through the back door of the main house. I ran in after him, spotting him heading for the curving staircase. Even though he was little, I could never catch him. The boy was like a baby Ferrari when he got going. But I needed to get him out; the bombs were due to go off any minute.

I took to the stairs as fast as I could go. A family guest raced down the other way, wrapped in a towel. She looked like she’d been caught in the shower. My family—the Santini, were protecting her from a rival family after she’d accidentally killed their heir. However, it looked like we also needed protection now. No one was safe.

I continued up the staircase, screaming at Piero to come back. One of my brothers-in-law overtook me, shouting: “Get out! There are bombs in the house.” Dominic was twenty-nine—seven years younger than me. He looked like a rock star with his piercings, scruffy clothing, messy brown hair, and tattooed arms.

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