Hypnosis: Exact Blueprint on How to Hypnotize Anyone, Including Yourself by William Lockhart

(Mind Control, Self Hypnosis, and NLP) + Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Hypnotism

Hypnosis: exact blueprint on how to hypnotize anyone, including yourself

Become a hypnotist now! 

Your weapon in fighting against stress. 

Are you looking for ways to alleviate stress? Have you looked and found nothing that seems to work? 

You may not be so familiar with this, but do you know that hypnosis can remove all the stress you're feeling right now? 

It is no news to us that most of the time; stress usually is a result of thinking too much. The power of our mind can make us feel things that shouldn't even be there in the first place. When we sow good seeds in our mind, it reflects on the outside, and same goes when we sow the bad ones, too. 

Ever heard of the saying: "What you think, manifests?" I'm sure you have. 

This is where hypnotism comes in. It is a therapeutic tool that yields both mental and emotional balance. Also, they have been proven to provide physical relaxation, pain relief, better sleep, and reduced anxieties. 

Although the word hypnosis comes out really strong for other people, it is considered safe when executed with proper precautions. 

Here are four topics to be discussed in the book (Plus more!): 

This is your instructional guide to practice hypnotism. It has complete details that will fill your understanding and make for a successful experience! 

Hypnosis isn't limited only to self; you can most certainly do it to people who are willing to undergo such therapy. All you need to do is practice. 

Good luck and enjoy the ride! 

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Methodology of NLP

In this chapter, we explore the methodology of NLP. Through this we are able effectively implement NLP. The main concept of NLP lies in modalities. By this we imply that each information or experience that we have can be broken into smaller bits called modalities. These are comprised by emotional factors, visual factors, olfactory factors, etc. These comprise of both physical as well as emotional factors. All these modalities are also categorized into sub modalities based on the experience. For instance, if the modality is a sight or a visual form, then the sub modalities will include the color, the type, the shape and so on. All the modalities when come together form the experience or situation.


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