Hudson by Kathi S. Barton

The Manning Dragons ― Erotic Paranormal Dragon Shifter Romance


Winnie wasn’t happy with Cooper at all. She had only done as ordered and had spent five years in prison because of it. Cooper was supposed to protect her, but he didn’t. Now the dragon king wanted her to protect them all from the new slayers in town? How was that fair? The sooner she completed her mission, the sooner she could move on and leave it all behind her.

Hudson had been told that Cooper had hired a man by the name of Wendall. He just wanted to meet him, so he could measure his worth, but when the door opened, the woman behind it was writhing in pain. He only meant to help her, but the moment he touched her, her pain became his as well.

Winnie had been appointed by the Dragon Board to be their protector long before last names were given. She had hunted her first, expecting to be paid by coin, but was rewarded instead with magic and a title. She didn’t have time to take a mate, much less a Manning. She had too much work to do.

The word “no” wasn’t in Hudson’s vocabulary. Winnie was his mate and he’d do whatever he had to claim her.

With slayers lurking in the shadows, Winnie has her hands full, and can’t let a new mate distract her. She had to remain on her toes or all would be lost….

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal / Shifters

Language: English

Keywords: Paranormal romance, Werewolves & shifters, Erotic Fantasy, Literature & Fiction, Erotic romance, Spicy Romance, Erotica

Word Count: 60725

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Hudson is book 2 of the Manning Dragon Series. Kathi S. Barton is an award winning and bestselling author and has nearly 200 books out to date. Every book she releases hits the bestseller list. She's looking to branch out into other languages.

Sample text:

Stop. Cooper stopped moving and waited for Carson to speak again. To your left is a young woman. I want you to stick close to her for a bit. She’s in danger, and you have to save her.

Sure. And while I’m at this and she calls the police, will you bail me out of jail? I’m sure that she’ll be thrilled to death to have a big hulking man standing close to her. Carson didn’t seem all that amused at him, and he could almost taste her anger. I’m sorry—

Look. I didn’t ask for this shit. The least you can do is— When she stopped talking his dragon roared up around him. Wait right where you are. I can feel...Cooper, in a few seconds, like five or less, this black car is coming around...Cooper, shield her. And Rose is with you.

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Already translated. Translated by Chiara Vitali
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I give all stars! Excellent! She's great to work with. I would highly recommend.
Already translated. Translated by Rodrigo Peixoto

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