How to Borrow God's Brain to Succeed by Duyilemi A. Felix

The 7-Step, Practical Ideas for Creating a Life You Can't Wait to Live!

A revolutionary new idea to provoke your mind to Success

How to borrow god's brain to succeedDon’t be put off by the “God” bit! If, like me, you don’t believe in a deity it would be easy to overlook this book as not being for you. Although God and Bible references are mentioned throughout, I encourage you to look past that if it doesn’t match your belief system, and take the excellent growth and productivity concepts that form the true basis of this great little book. I particularly appreciated the Very Important Points at the end of each chapter as they give you a clear focus to work on. ~J. Mohapi-Banks, UK. A thoroughly splendid work to encourage someone with less enthusiasm for life ~Glenn Lapoint, USA. A Quick Inspirational Read I really enjoyed the correlation that the author uses with the Bible! The concepts really solidified for me with truths I’ve felt to be true! I love the creation but I never broke it down into the parts that the author does and it has given me a new perspective! ~Lana, USA.
Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Secondary Genre: RELIGION / Inspirational

Language: English

Keywords: Success Principles, success factors, success habits

Word Count: 10,000

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Several copies have been sold and the book was at a time on #1 spot on Amazon top 100 bestsellers in different categories.
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Many years ago, while studying my Bible, it suddenly occurred to me that the Bible is not a religious book at all. Before then, I had been reading the Bible with a ‘religious’ mindset. That experience transformed my life. I saw in the Bible principles for running a successful business, building great relationships, and turning around every aspect of our lives. The concepts I teach business leaders around the world today in my coaching programs and seminars are timeless principles conceptualized from the pages of the Scriptures. And my clients have continued to get results from implementing my ideas. (Though I didn't tell them I borrowed these ideas from God!) Whether or not you believe in God, you can still pick up one or two things from the principles and ideas in this book. In “How to Borrow God’s Brain to Succeed”, my focus is how you can “copy” God’s success principles to drive your personal and corporate success. You will learn God’s secret code that makes success so natural to Him and how you can duplicate it in your life and career. In this short and easy-to-read book, you will see how to respond to challenges, the dynamic energy of words, the power of clarity, orderliness, imagination, and performance evaluation. You will be informed, inspired, motivated and fired up to create the life you can't wait to start living.

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