How to Analyze People: Analyze.. by Tina Berg

Body Language & Personality Types

Are you commonly told that you are too gullible or naïve?

How to analyze people: analyze..

Are you commonly told that you are too gullible or naïve? Do you always believe what people say at face value and find that it regularly comes back to bite you? Maybe you find that you never seem to know exactly how you should behave in social settings with those around you. If this sounds familiar, then keep reading…

If you find that social skills are not your forte, there is a very real possibility that you struggle with reading people. You may find that body language is something that becomes endlessly confusing for you. You may struggle to tell when you are going too far, or you may find that you never seem to know when to approach someone who is waiting for you. All of these subtle nuances are skills that must be learned and practiced, and because of that, you may find that you are in need of assistance—and that is okay.

When you learn how to read other people’s body language, you learn the skills of a lifetime. You learn how to defend and protect yourself because you can read the intentions of other people. You can tell when you are causing problems because you can read whether or not people want to interact with you further. If you think that learning body language is for you, and learning how to put all of that knowledge will help you learn how to better interact with other people, you are absolutely right! This book is here to help.

Within this book, you will be guided through the ins and outs of understanding how to analyze people and how to read their body language in ways that are effective and easy to learn. They may require practice and some rote memorization, but when you get that in, you will find that you, too, can become a body language reading champion. Within this book, you will be guided through this process with the following information:



Even if body language and being able to read other people has always caused you trouble in the past, it is not too late to learn. You can learn how to recognize what other people are really telling you and how to understand those silent messages with ease. You can learn how to read other people so you are no longer the laughingstock of your work meetings when you say or do something that should have been avoided. It is never too late to stop working on how to understand your body language—all you have to do is be willing to step out of your comfort zone and reach for it.

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Genre: SOCIAL SCIENCE / Body Language & Nonverbal Communication

Secondary Genre: PSYCHOLOGY / Applied Psychology

Language: English

Keywords: psychology, emotional intelligence, manipulation, mind control, psychology for beginners, psychology guide, how to manipulate people, manipulation beginners, how to read people, read people for success, self help success, how to read body language, reading people body

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Sample text:

Reading people is something that can be difficult to pick up on at first when you want to do so consciously, but it is absolutely a skill that can greatly benefit you if you do learn how to do so. When you look at these skills, you will be able to use them to protect yourself. You will be able to read other people when they try to lie to you or when they are being honest. You will be able to navigate social settings with ease because you will be able to read how other people are taking what you are doing, and that is powerful. You will be able to self-regulate because you will know precisely how those around you do take what you are doing, and because of that, you will be able to ensure that you avoid stepping on any toes as you do interact in the first place.

From here, you have the basic information that you would need to really get started and moving on the process. You have been guided through what to expect, how to understand people and their body language, and why it matters to read them. Now, all you are missing is the experience. Over time, you will be able to get those skills. You will learn how to spot when someone is lying and how to go through these steps without thinking about it. You will become a pro at being able to read people at a glance and all it is that you need to do is begin to practice and utilize these skills on a regular basis. Implementing those rules and practicing regularly will be enough to allow you to pick up on these skills with ease and navigate any typical social settings you may find yourself in.

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