Horses and other Doubts by Mois Benarroch

poetry book.

Horses and other doubts

Benarroch was born in 1959 in Tetuan/Morocco, between Tangier and Gibraltar. He grew up in a mixture of cultures and languages, Spanish being his mother tongue, attending a French school, hearing the Arabic of the streets and praying in Hebrew. In 1972 He emigrated to Israel and lives since then in Jerusalem. He has published 5 books of poetry and prose in Hebrew and one in Spanish. His poetry has been published in hundred of magazines all around the world.In his first collection of poems in English, "Horses And Other Doubts".Moshe Benarroch touches the themes of immigration, the confrontation with a new country, discrimination against minorities, Bukowski, Paris, Zionism, Israel, love, the family, poetry, poets and life in general. All the poems in this book appear for the first time in book form.In his omnivorous all encompassing poetry, he takes an honest approach, putting truth and honesty above everything. Hailed as one of the leading Israeli poets, Benarroch´s poetry has been published in a dozen languages, including Urdu and Chinese. Julia Uceda considers that Benarroch holds the memory of the world in his poetry, while Jose Luis Garcia Martin thinks that his poems are more than poetry, they are a document. A witness of his time, Benarroch started writing poetry when he was 15, in English, and has always written in his mother tongue Spanish. When he was 20 he also added Hebrew to his poetry languages and he has published six poetry books in Israel. This collection includes all Benarroch's poetry translated into English or written in English and all his books The Immigrant's Lament, Take Me To The Sea, Horses and Other Doubts, The Day The Jihad Destroyed Berlin, The Teachings Of Baraka. 
"If I had a nomination vote for the nobel prize he'd be in the running." Klaus Gerken, Ygdrasil editor. 
His reputation has been steadily growing and his books have been published in Spain, Israel and the U.S.A. He was awarded the prime minister literary prize in 2008 and the Yehuda Amichai poetry prize in 2012 



Genre: POETRY / Middle Eastern

Secondary Genre: LITERARY CRITICISM / Jewish

Language: English

Keywords: east poetry, israel poetry, spanish poetry, literature israel

Word Count: 11,000

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 Top 20 in amazon poetry in 2015. Often in n.1 in amazon middle eastern poetry in the last five years. 

Sample text:

We Count Our Dead



When we go to sleep

we count our dead

When we wake up

we count our dead

When we end the century

we count our dead

When we kill

we count our dead

When we live

we count our dead

When we eat

we count our dead

When we pray

we count our dead

When we celebrate life

we count our dead

When we write a poem

we count our dead.


Ars poetica



Because writing poetry is admitting

our errors

Because poetry is history

exiled from the History books

Because poetry is the bomb of the poor

Because poetry is the language of the dead

Because poetry is escape from ourselves

Because poetry is looking at the face of our mistakes

and our ancestors' mistakes

Because poetry is the first day of the universe


I dare to say this:


I am tired of poets, poems and poetry


I am tired of myself and my double

my light and my shade


For I know that


When I say the word truth I am already lying



and my bed is made of burning stones.




Buildings and people 


It seems that the beautiful buildings

describe better than anything

this city

they are full of black soot

sometimes they are cleaned

and they are beautiful again

just like they used to be

but a few months later

they are full of soot again.


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