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Horror stories charlie ink

The Horror Tales of Charlie Ink


"¿Recuerdas cuando nuestros padres nos leían cuentos antes de acostarse? El autor sigue la aterradora línea de los hermanos Grimm, ofreciendo al lector cuentos llenos de misterio con moralejas importantes para incluir en nuestra vida diaria".

Genre: FICTION / Ghost

Secondary Genre: ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES / Books

Language: English

Keywords: horror, terror , tales, misterio, charlie

Word Count: 12035

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That night an idea crossed my mind that I couldn’t forget. Beside my kids’ beds, the horror tales of Charlie Ink were born.

               The Horror Tales of Charlie Ink, are the tormented voices of the past, strong tales that are about the evil of the human being, between all of them, the theft of infants, the organ trafficking, the hidden truths, among others.

               With this tales the intention is to prevent with readings, at the same time it’s sought to preserve the almost lost values, such as obedience, respect, honesty, friendship.

               There are thirteen tales, same ones that will astound even the least gullible infant and that most of them can be real-life facts; but where does fiction end and reality begin?  


Sample text:


Ranch people say about owls that they are those warlocks that give the soul to the devil for some favors, and these had to obey the orders that the king of darkness gives them.

               The next tale full of horror and fright happened in a faraway town already disappeared from the state of Coahuila.

Mrs. Jovita was an old lady that lived alone. Recently passed away Julián, her husband and she was still holding on to his memory. 

               Every night, without exception, she went out to sit on the rocking chair that she had on the yard, as she used to with her husband, to enjoy the fresh air.

               At the back of the yard there was a big tree that refreshed even more the nights. It was a very big walnut, so high that you could barely see the top.

               One of those nights, Mrs. Jovita discovered something that got her attention: a standing owl at the top of the walnut that was staring at her like trying to tell her something.

The owl or big bird, like some call it, was a bird bigger than a child whose baby teeth are just falling. It had a huge and sharp peak, big claws that would tear any skin since they were long and sharp.

Night after night when Jovita went out to her house’s yard she turned to see the big bird that, without fail, was at the top of the walnut eyeing her.

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