Her Perfect Rogue by Amanda Mariel

When Julia Honeyfield is sent away to a brothel, she runs away...

Her perfect rogue

When Julia Honeyfield is sent away to a brothel, she runs away...only to find herself in the Duke of Selkirk's arms. Dare she trust him to protect her?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical

Language: English

Keywords: Regency, Historical Romance, Victorian, Duke

Word Count: 23,000

Sales info:

Her Perfect Rogue is not yet released, however it has steady preorders piling up every day.

Sample text:

Charles Kendal, Duke of Selkirk, looked down at the woman in his arms. Why the devil had she flung herself at him? He’d nearly been knocked clean off his feet. He attempted to set her aside so as to continue on his way, but she tightened her hold on his waistcoat. 

“Please.” She stared up at him with wide moss-green eyes. “I am in desperate need of assistance.”

He studied her closer. She looked the part of a whore, but her eyes held an innocence that betrayed her appearance, and her body was trembling all over. When he met her gaze, there was no denying the fear reflecting back at him. “What the devil is going on here?”

Before she could reply, he heard yelling coming from around the corner.

“Catch her!”

“She can’t have gotten far!”

“The chit is worth a fortune. Don’t let her get away!”

The woman in his arms held tighter to him, burying her face in his coat. “Please, help me. Hide me.”

Charles released a breath before scooping her into his arms. Lord, do not let me live to regret my actions this night. He ran toward the corner, where his carriage and driver waited for him. The fear and uncertainty in the woman’s eyes drove him to keep moving as she clung to him for dear life. “I have you.” He tightened his grasp in an attempt to reassure her.

He weaved through the crowd of dispersing theater-goers, dashing around and between ladies and gentleman as he made his way up the street with the woman securely cradled in his arms. Behind him, the calls of her pursuers continued. Who the devil was she and what the hell was going on?

Catching sight of a friend, he yelled, “Gulliver, we must be going.” 


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Already translated. Translated by Vieru Raluca Maria
Already translated. Translated by Barbara Henze
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I can always count on a professional and engaging translation from Barbara!
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