Her Dom's Lesson by A.D. Justice

Dominic Powers Book 2

Her dom's lesson

Sophia Vasco 
Will he ever forgive me? This question haunts me every day and night. He branded me with his touch to the point that no other man will ever compare. 
Dominic consumed my life. Until the day he learned the truth about me and everything changed. Nothing is as it seems and it has all spiraled out of control. The weight of the world now rests on my shoulders. 
I have to fix this. 

Dominic Powers 
Some say that Karma is a bitch. I can say from experience that a betrayed Dom is much worse than a bastard ever thought about being.
They think they played me. I denied the man inside me his rightful place and was mistaken for a fool. When I'm done with them, they will feel the lash of her Dom's lesson. 
This isn't over.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Suspense

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Language: English

Keywords: romantic suspense, erotic, romance

Word Count: 83,814

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USA Today Bestselling Author

Sample text:

I’m sitting outside his house again, just like I’ve done almost every night for the past two weeks.  It’s been eight weeks since I’ve seen him, talked to him, felt him, or tasted him.  It’s fucking killing me.  All of this is killing me but I feel like I have no way out.   I’m in an invisible cell, there are bars all around me, and I’m completely trapped.  I feel like I’m suffocating and he is my very breath.  Every day, I feel my strength chipping away.  One piece at a time, I’m unraveling.

Sudden movement at his lakeside mansion catches my eye and brings me out of my self-loathing pity party.  The huge, ornate double front door is standing wide open and in the center of that double door is my Dom.  His hair is slightly messy and he’s sexy as ever.  His blue button down shirt is untucked and he looks is a little disheveled.  His feet are bare and he has a glass of his favorite bourbon in his hand.  His eyes scan the area but I don’t think he sees me.

The air is completely sucked out of my car and out of my lungs.  OH MY GOD.  OH MY GOD.  A woman sashays up beside him, wraps her arm around his waist, and leans up to kiss his lips before she walks down the front steps.  He leans against the doorjamb and watches her get in her car and drive off.  They wave at each other and I watch, unable to tear my eyes away, as he smiles at her.

I recognize that smile instantly and my heart constricts further.  That smile used to be for me.

My. God. 

My heart has just shattered into a million pieces.  Has he replaced me already?

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