Healthy Pets Naturally by Julie Massoni

Tips to keep your dog or cat healthy & happy without drugs!

Healthy Pets Naturally is an introductory guide to keeping your dogs and cats healthy.

Healthy pets naturally

Healthy Pets Naturally is an introductory guide to natural care for dogs or cats and includes information on natural diet, nutritional supplements to improve your animals health along with information on using herbs, homeopathy and flower essences to assist health and wellbeing. Natural alternatives for fleas, worming, antibiotics and pain relief. Also includes information on feeding fussy pets. Written by a qualified animal naturopath who has helped thousands of animals with a range of acute and chronic health issues. If you would like to know more about using natural therapies and how to avoid many health problems then this book is a great reference.

Genre: PETS / General

Secondary Genre: HEALTH & FITNESS / Naturopathy

Language: English

Keywords: dog, cat, health, healthy, pets, natural, healing, herbs, homeopathy, health care, alternative therapies, disease, naturopathy, diet, remedies, self help

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I am a qualified animal naturopath and have been helping thousands of animals to improve their health for over 25 years.I have another book called Itchy dogs to help dogs with skin problems.

I prefer to write small books that are simple to read to help provide information to allow you to keep your animals healthy and happy without resorting to drugs or chemicals wherever possible.

Sample text:

Natural Worming
All animals will have intestinal worms at some stage throughout their lives. It is important to keep worm numbers under control so that they do not cause problems to the host. Animals can live with small numbers of parasites however, when parasites are present in high numbers, health problems may start to appear.

Classic signs of heavy worm infestation are weight loss, increased or decreased appetite, poor coat condition, digestive disturbances, impaired assimilation of nutrients, anemia, diarrhoea, blood or mucous in stools, pot belly, frequently eating grass or vomiting, scooting (rubbing rear end along the ground) or they may just appear unwell.  Even when there is no symptomatic or physical evidence of a worm infestation, it is still advisable to follow a regular de-worming program to keep numbers low.

Good nutrition is the best preventative. Diets high in processed food (canned and dry) can actually increase the amount of worms your animals get. Worms are parasites which feed off waste, so by keeping your animal’s digestive tract clean, they will have less problems than those who eat ‘highly processed food’ diets.

Feed human-grade organ meats to avoid hydatid tapeworm which can be passed on to humans.  All human-grade meat is inspected and safe to use.

The following foods may help to expel intestinal worms:

Finely grated raw carrot

Ground pumpkin seeds: 1 tsp per 10 lbs (5kg) bodyweight daily in food.

Raw aged garlic

Paw paw (papaya) seeds

Grated fresh coconut

Apple cider vinegar

Probiotics can help by establishing a healthy gut environment. 

Diatomaceous earth (DE): Ensure you only use the food-grade DE which is non-toxic and add to moist food daily: 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon depending on size of animal.



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