Healing: Still Children's Bread by Dr Gilbert Adimora

Divine healing still takes place and I am a living witness that God still heals a lot of people from diseases that have even been referred to as incurable.

Healing: still children's bread

One of the topics that people still debate on, which has been going on for ages is whether divine healing still takes place. A lot of people actually laugh and refer cynically to any claims of divine healing as nothing but manipulation by clever people who claim to be men of God. Divine healing still takes place and I am a living witness that God still heals a lot of people from diseases that have even been referred to as incurable. You may not because of logistic problems be able to attend a healing crusade organized by an anointed man of God. Even when you get there many a time not all that came for healing receive it because of reasons best known to The Healer. But His word is always available (Romans 10:8). God has made His word one of the most, if not the most portable instruments of healing available to man so that it can be applied anytime, anywhere. However ignorance and lack of knowledge have made many to perish when they should not. The devil may go about like a roaring lion looking for whom to devour but still know that the Word of God is more than enough for any situation.

As you go through this small compilation, what God requires of you is to have faith in the potency of His word and you will, receive your healing.

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Sample text:

   In this scripture, we notice that there is an exchange between Jesus and a foreign woman about the healing of her possessed daughter. However, the Lord made it clear that his ministry then was ‘to the lost sheep of Israel’ and not the Gentiles. The lost sheep of Israel were the people he referred to as ‘the children’. In the present dispensation every child of God belongs to this privileged group. 


    Notice also that he referred to healing as ‘the children’s bread’ and that is what should be emphasized here. As a child in any home has a right to bread or food in his father’s house, so it is with any child of God: you have a right to this children’s bread and all we have to do as hungry children in any home is to remind our Father that there is need for this ‘bread’ to be made available.


   The woman in question persisted and said “Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters' table.”This was an exhibition of faith that moved the Lord because faith is the valuable ingredient that God looks for in men. Immediately this qualified the woman to partake of the children’s bread. Faith in God is what qualifies us to be His children.  If you can remember that was the case with Rehab and Ruth who were foreigners but became Citizens of Israel because of their faith.  Faith in God is the necessary document that makes someone a citizen of heaven. This is not however where we are going for now. Let’s see what follows.


   “Then Jesus answered and said unto her, O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt. And her daughter was made whole from that very hour”

The woman’s daughter was healed instantly because of the word spoken by the Lord.


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